Nancee Drewe and Chums

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    Which Tree Symbol?

    A plump and very, very anxious Mrs. Tenney was adamant that she would not, under any circumstance, venture into the spooky Follett mansion toute seule. The svelte and ever-eighteen-year-old Nancee assured her friend that Great Aunt Sara had lived there alone in safety for years ... What's the problem? Well, yes, Nancee, Aunt Sara did live there for ages, unbothered by the common neighborhood rabble and the occasional spook that certainly slinked its way into not a few of the Drewe girl's other hysterical mysteries, but she was just lucky! It's a wonder that she was never burgled, what with all her beautiful antiques. Sara Blatherstone-Wixsley was unquestionably dotty - never seemed to be aware of her surroundings - but you move a single solitary stick of her furniture and she could sniff out the agitated dust six paces away, and that with a bad head cold.

    Nancee gently (for that was her way) butted into the barrage of reminiscences that unleashed from portly Mrs. Tenney's slash-of-angry-red mouth with the thought that, gee, it sure looks all quiet on the western front - could we not get the show on the road, perhaps even today? Coming to, Nan's newest chum sputtered that they might as well since that was the entire point of her asking the ever-eighteen-year-old sleuth to drive her over to the old green Victorian at 636 Primrose Lane, Carver City, no zone, no code.

    Mrs. T, released from her initial case of badly shot nerves, began waxing eloquent over the fine pieces adorning the stately though badly neglected rooms of the old homestead. Two matching cherry tables had once belonged to the father of our country - GW himself. And Mrs. Tenney, an heir to the estate, would soon claim one of these exquisite tables for her very own.

    Once inside the door, the pair marched resolutely and directly to the library. At its entrance Mrs. Tenney stood stock still and, punched figuratively in the gut, let out a gasp that could be heard all the way to the neighboring household ...

    "He won't get away with his tricky, little scheme - no he won't!" Mrs. Tenney burst forth, scarcely able to hold back the tears, so long restrained behind the dams of her eyelids.

    Nancee, though sensitive to the raw feelings of this lady of whom she actually knew very little, waited for the distraught cousin of Alpha Zinn to elaborate upon what was surely to become the basis for yet another sinister plot, whose denouement was awaiting an unraveling by Nancee, Georgie and Besty.

    "My second cousin, twice-removed, on my mother's side - Alpha! He deals in antiques and sharp business practices. He's a thief, pure and not so simple. It goes way back to our shared childhood. Anything I had he had to have also. And if he couldn't have by honest means what he wanted, he stole, he purloined, he pinched, he lifted. Get my drift? That's why my collection of porcelain dolls is gone by half! Well, that blackguard came, he saw, he took - his pieces as well as my own."

    "Are you not perhaps overreacting, Mrs. Tenney? It could have been a burglar with excellent taste and an uncommon knowledge of what price these precious heirlooms might fetch at an auction house? I'm going to scour the premises for clues. It's not in my nature to draw hasty conclusions, if you must know. After all, everyone realizes that I am a levelheaded young detective whose ethics and methods will not be compromised."

    Mrs. Tenney, demurring for a moment, acquiesced and began to chill out.

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    The word "Plump" generated a big ad with two big McD's pink smoothies.

    The ad is so big it covers about 1/4 of your fine story.

    There's just something about pink drinks and big words.

    I'll reserve judgement until we hear from Darkside.

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    dear CoCo...

    ugh...I get distressed when the plot thickens...

    love michelle

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear friends: cameo, beks and michelle.

    Thanks, chums, for putting in.

    Gee whiz, this is going to be a tough nut to crack!

    Beguiling and bewitching, cameo, how those ads come up and trivialize the major import of the mystery at hand! Thanks for the engraving, beks. I have the very same chez moi. Michelle, I am distressed over your distress but will try and add some solution to the thickening plot and give you a bit of welcome relief from the weight I so innocently but, nonethess, seriously put upon your unsuspecting cranium and bleating heart ...

    Let the reader beware.

    Love youse kids!

    CoCo Gruen

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    Thank you CoCo...

    this is somewhat off topic but I "found" a small engraving at a garage sale many years was behind another picture in an old frame that caught my eye!... this is it...

    love michelle

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    compound complex

    Hey, Syl!

    Great to see you of a Sunday!


    Just saw your new post, michelle - thanks for that link. Am going there ---- NOW!


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    compound complex

    Indeed, the olfactory sensations were picking up on an odiferous scent of one nefarious rascally rodent that was gnawing with clandestine satisfaction a bit of the blue mold carelessly left out on the kitchen counter after the washing up and putting away of the evening's mess.

    "Scat, scat, you bad, bad rat!" declaimed the girl from the relative but not guaranteed safety of a kitchen chair seat, which she had sought in a hasty panic, flying fairly vertically in as impossible an aerial maneuver as that practiced daily by the unthinking, seemingly aerodynamically-challenged bumble bee.

    "Afraid the little guy will not leave you a morsel to savor, my dear cuz of acreage?" chuckled deridingly the svelte-and-knowing-it Georgie.

    "Not at all, wise guy. It's more the concern of finding a missing clue to Nancee's latest mystery, "The Secret of the Crumbling Cheese." Despite appearances to the contrary, au contraire, I did not accept our invitation to Heath-Snodbury Estate just for the good eats," retorted Besty in understated vehemence to her ever digging cousine's latest jab at the not leanish porker.

    Indeed, their best chum, Nancee Drewe, daughter of the renowned attorney, Garson Drewe, and surrogate daughter of live-in housekeeper, Anna Groan, was making her way over to said estate in her little red roadster, but careful to observe with circumspection the traffic laws of the land and not speed, though the little red devil continued metallically to implore his racy but scrupulous mistress to step on it. Accordingly, she made her destination in good time but within prescribed parameters of local jurisprudence. Whatever.

    Will the vermin finally scatter and generously condescend to leave a clue? Will Georgie stubbornly dwell on family rivalries to the neglect of single-mindedly assisting her sleuth-chum with saving the savory remains of the day's fromage? Will Besty overcome her irrational fear of living life to the fullest and eventually descend the chair seat?

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