listening to an uncomfortable talk / demonstration.

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  • sooner7nc

    " I remember a young teenage JW boy ( about 16 Yrs.old ) who gave his 1st talk a Bible reading in the ministry school. This poor young guy was SO nervous after only a minute or so he totally choked up and froze ! Could not say a word or read out loud. He started crying due to nervousness- his fantastic father got up on the stage with him and finished reading the Bible reading for him . His father began by saying " It's alright son . " Then proceeded to finish the reading. I remember the entire audience clapping for what seemed about a minute. This was back in the day when there were actually some decent people in the cult who were understanding . Must have been late 1970's . I'll always remember that experience. Peace out, Mr. Flipper"

    Wow, that was one standup guy, dub or not.

  • MrMonroe

    A fossilized old elder in one congregation I endured gave a public talk about why parents should never give their children chocolate or worcestshire sauce before bed because it "irritates the body openings" and they "comfort themselves" in bed. He explained that when he was a boy he always had to sleep with his arms outside the sheets so he wasn't tempted, and encouraged young ones to do the same. It was the most squirmworthy talk I've ever sat through.

    Another congregation the WT conductor cracked up laughing over an experience in the WT and had the whole congo in fits. No one could give an answer because it was like everyone was on laughing gas. The only person who wasn't laughing was the pious WT reader who was glaring at everyone from the stage. Another time the guys doing the stage set a chair too close to the edge for the talk 3. The woman doing it sat down, then pushed it back slightly and wernt over backwards off the edge. Very modest undies she was wearing too, as I recall.

  • agonus

    Speaking of silly WT stuff, something just popped into my head: Wasn't there a study article a few years back about 'mental permafrost" with an illustration of a man's brain tinged blue? Tell me I'm not hallucinating...

  • Mythbuster

    *** w93 8/15 pp. 15-16 pars. 16-18 Go On Growing in Knowledge ***

    16 As an illustration, consider permafrost, the permanently frozen ground in the Arctic and in other regions where the average temperature is below freezing. The soil, rocks, and groundwater freeze into a solid mass, sometimes to a depth of 3,000 feet [900 m]. In the summer, thawing may occur in the surface soil (called the active layer). However, this thin layer of thawed soil is usually muddy because moisture cannot drain into the permafrost below. Plants that grow in the thin top layer are often small or stunted; their roots cannot penetrate the permafrost. ‘What,' you may wonder, ‘does permafrost have to do with whether I am growing in knowledge of Bible truth?'

    17 Permafrost well illustrates the situation of one whose mental powers are not actively involved with taking in, remembering, and using accurate knowledge. (Compare Matthew 13:5, 20, 21.) The person likely has the mental capacity to learn various subjects, including Bible truth. He studied "the elementary things of the sacred pronouncements of God" and may have qualified to be baptized, as did those Hebrew Christians. He might, though, not "press on to maturity," to things beyond "the primary doctrine about the Christ."-Hebrews 5:12; 6:1.

    18 Visualize some of those Christians at meetings back then. They were present and awake, but were their minds involved in learning? Were they actively and earnestly growing in knowledge? Perhaps not. For the immature ones, any involvement in meetings took place in a thin active layer, as it were, while below was a frozen depth. The roots of more solid or complicated truths could not penetrate into this region of mental permafrost.-Compare Isaiah 40:24.

  • agonus

    It appears the permafrost myth is NOT busted ;)

    Now I just need a scan of the brain drawing!

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