listening to an uncomfortable talk / demonstration.

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  • man in black
    man in black

    I was thinking this afternoon about a sister who was married to a witness guy who worked PT, they had one 5 yr. old boy. and a 1 yr. old girl.

    One evening at the TMS she was giving talk # 3, and halfway through the talk she stopped, looked a little flustered, and said "I can't do this anymore"

    She proceeded to get off the stage, and walked out of the hall with her husband looking very red - faced while he was gathering up the kids.

    Shortly afterwards, she was df'ed and left her husband for another guy.

    Back then I was just MORTIFIED regarding what she said, ( along with most of the congregation) but now I understand her position.

    Another extreme demonstration was in the late 1980's. The Hopp sisters from Crystal Lake were giving a demonstration about how to place one of the magazines during the service meeting. One of them started giggling, then the other one chimed in.

    They started laughing so hard, they couldn't continue with the part, one of them was married to the cong. po, so it was doubly painful to watch

    this crash and burn..

  • wantstoleave

    The only embarrassing/hard to watch demonstration I've seen is where a sister was giving a talk and her boob fell out of her top She didn't realise and not even her householder told her. She realised toward the end of the talk and didn't come back to the seats. I was a kid, so couldn't tell her but I'm surprised nobody else did.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    As a teenager I was the householder for a new adult student . She was very high l ayswstrung .... During her talk she lost it and started crying because she lost her place .....I tried helping her out ,but the School overseer finally just told her it was okay and she just didn't finish .

    My best friend always laughed when she got nervous .I hated having her for a householder because we would end up cracking ourselves up.

    When I had talks I called my householder and went over the talk . Some sisters just waited until you got to the meeting and practiced before the meeting . This didn't work out well for one sister ,when we got to the hall and she was going over her talk with me I realized she had misread the material ....she was giving the pro veiwpoint of material that should have been the negative outlook instead .......

  • AwSnap

    When I was 16, I was given a part to do on how masturbation was wrong. To top it off, they assigned my best friend to be my householder. Like, for real...did they not see the laugh-fest coming??? It was always worse when we would practice and start cracking up during certain parts and then you got up on stage and remembered those times

  • flipper

    MAN in BLACK- Good examples of people feeling coerced to do talks and parts when their hearts were not really into it.

    I remember a young teenage JW boy ( about 16 Yrs.old ) who gave his 1st talk a Bible reading in the ministry school. This poor young guy was SO nervous after only a minute or so he totally choked up and froze ! Could not say a word or read out loud. He started crying due to nervousness- his fantastic father got up on the stage with him and finished reading the Bible reading for him . His father began by saying " It's alright son . " Then proceeded to finish the reading. I remember the entire audience clapping for what seemed about a minute. This was back in the day when there were actually some decent people in the cult who were understanding . Must have been late 1970's . I'll always remember that experience

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I remember being a householder and the woman giving the talk went blank halfway thru and looked at me with terrified look so I turned to the audience and said we're taking a commercial break and we'll be back in a moment everyone laughted even the sister across from me than it all came back to her and she finished.

  • AnnOMaly

    How common was it to assign a pubescent to give the Song of Solomon Bible reading, and the poor red-faced boy had to go through with it? It must have happened at least three or four times in congos I was in.

  • coffee_black

    I was assigned to give a talk on circumcision...when I was 18... 2 weeks before my wedding. I told the mss that it wouldn't be appropriate for me to give that talk, and asked if he looked at the subject matter before he assigned it...

    When I was about 10 (I think) I was the householder, and the sister giving the talk got about half way through the talk and burst into tears and ran off of the platform. I had no idea what to I waited a few seconds and left the platform too...trying to be as invisible as possible.


  • BluesBrother
    I told the mss that it wouldn't be appropriate for me to give that talk, and asked if he looked at the subject matter before he assigned it

    A lazy School Overseer may not consider the material....It takes a lot longer to think about it

  • crapola

    I remember laughing during one of my talks and the school overseer told me to straighten up. We were in the 2nd school. Anyway I finished the talk.

    Another time I went totally blank and just stood there for the longest time. Could'nt figure out my notes or anything. I finally got through that.

    I'll never be put through that again.

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