JWs advocate for the release of the Yorkshire Ripper

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  • minimus

    Wait on Jehovah and rely on the men that He has chosen.

  • babygirl30

    I find it bizarre that my brother elder PO would have no qualms talking to Peter Sutcliffe or Michael Porter - they are his brothers now.

    And yet he shuns me.

    My point EXACTLY! An admitted violent serial killer is now 'rehabilitated' because he studies the NWT with some JWs - so HE is deemed acceptable to associate with. But a DF'd person who has done nothing even CLOSE to that - is to be shunned?! OH...the irony.

    Wait on Jehovah and rely on the men that He has chosen.

    If dude gets out, the ONLY thing they will be 'waiting' on is how long it takes this nut to kill again. and since these 'chosen men' allowed him into the flock and put the rest of the congregation at risk - that makes THEM bloodguilty!

  • Sherilynn

    They will do anything to get their hours in the ministry in such an easy way. They went to court to tell them that Thompson was such a good study that he should not be sent to prison for the mentally ill but be released to his Mother a JW and he was remorseful too and studying with the brothers. Seattle was his city and women were his victims Thanks to the local JW congregation he continue to rape and kill.



    Just makes me sick that these brothers push their little mind power based needs to anyone they may be asked to represent and such an insult to Jehovah God (if you believe in such a God) that they can say they have the Holy Spirit working through them. Just how many would be out there doing their time (JW style not prision style) if they didnt turn in those nice little time sheets to prove their worth and salvation in the JW system.

    Peace be with you (as hard as that may be reading of these idiots),

  • nelly136

    "The judge said: "He has been well-behaved and has posed no threat to other inmates. (the other inmates being men)

    well duh! it was women he had the problem with.

    and he may have murdered 13 women but there were more victims than that, some of the others survived their horrific attacks


  • Highlander

    The witnesses need to advocate for the mentally ill. They are the only ones left that respond favorably to their end of times cult message.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I tagged along a couple times on a prison BS when visiting a brother. The guy was raised a JW and was a creep. I "sensed" that the inmate and the brother were both using each other. The inmate to get released for his BS, have something to do, and probably use to try for parole. The brother got to count easy FS time, mark down a BS & literature placements, and boast about helping someone learn "the troof". I didn't like the prison witnessing experience.

    Think About It

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The article doesn't actually say that the Dubs advocate his release, so don't tell your Dubs that it does unless you find something more concrete.

    Phillip Garrido used the JWs to get an early parole, but documentation to show that JWs approved of his early release is elusive.

    Be careful


  • Highlander

    I agree. We don't know if the ripper simply stated to the judge that he has support from the dubs, or if the dubs actually testified to their position.

  • Tristram

    Just to be fair to the reporting...the JW's said that he "shows remorse" but there is nothing about them advocating his release, unless I missed it.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I am sure they see it as a feather in their cap.

    no doubt they would quote something about gods word taming beast-like men or something...

    ''see how powerful the message is! We can even convert monsters!''

    we have all seen this sort of tripe trotted out in the WT and assemblies.


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