Young Jehovah's Witness commits to Pioneer work

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  • wasblind


    the best years of your life is now,because your freeeeeeeeee

  • ambersun

    You're right wasblind, I left the borg many years ago but I need a good kick up the backside sometimes to remind me of that fact!

    I get exasperated with myself sometimes, I think it's because of all those years of being a puppet to the TWB&TS when I had to suppress all my normal desires for a career etc. Now I am free to follow my heart, I keep coming across that darned invisible 'STOP' sign in my head all the time

  • dinah

    I saw that article, being from Alabama and all. Did you notice how they slipped a reference to a Community College in there?

    We had a DC at the VBCC when I was a kid. The acoustics were so bad I didn't hear a thing.

    Anyway, through all my teen years, our DC's were always in Birmingham. You could hear those.

  • BluesBrother

    "Commits?"....well maybe for now. She looks like the girl that I once knew who said much the same from an Assembly platform.

    It was not too long before she was outside the Organization though. Another sister told me that the girl taken up modelling and had had topless photos published !

  • chickpea

    ya just never REALLY know, do ya?

    i posted earlier this week about a
    young sistah who came to the KH
    i attended as a "needs greater"
    pioneer and how i just found out
    this week she is divorced, in college
    and about to spend a year in india
    as an intern and sooooo free of the
    b0rg that she cannot stop smilin' ....

    this kid could catch a break and find
    out the truth about the truth while
    she is still young.....

  • designs

    Reminds me of sitting in a Calvary Chapel Church 3 years ago and watching the Pastors lay their hands on the head of a 19 year old girl who they were sending to smuggle Bibles into China through Tibet.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Brings back awful memories of my ignorant wasted youth in the borg. 20 years ago, pioneering at 90 hrs a month, going to bethel, serving where the need is great.......... BOOOOOOO.

  • ambersun




    Sorry - just had to do that.

    I feel better now

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    This picture will come back to haunt her in years to come when she grows up and comes to her senses.

    I always remember many years ago following a Circuit Assembly where the theme had been about living forever, a brother I knew was featured in the local paper in a similar manner. He was hoping never to die. Just a few short weeks later he died in a motoring accident.


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