Do You Like People - Period?

by snowbird 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • shamus100

    Hi Snowbird... I'm just here werewolfing, and nothing more. Just popped in to say hello and noticed that you and Minimus need to get a room, still.

    Have fun kiddies.

  • Scully

    Lately, I'm feeling challenged in the people-liking department.

    I feel like I'm surrounded by whiners, users, manipulators and back-stabbers.

    I think I need a vacation. A solitary one.

    Or I need to go on strike and stop being so damned nice to jerks.

  • transhuman68

    I like everyone- but I'm so deep in the boonies I only see people every 2-3 days. Makes it easy!

  • beksbks

    I love people. I love the challenge they present when they are difficult, and the absolute joy I get from those that are not. I love it when we connect. Even for a second. That flash of being on the same wave length. I love it when someone approaches grumpy or distant, and leaves smiling. Oh yea, people are what make life worth living.

  • StAnn

    This is not something I can answer easily. I have a lot of compassion for people and can't bear to see people suffer. I always want to help people who are struggling. But that doesn't mean I like them.

    People irritate me. My husband says it's because I don't have the skill of playing games. I'm very, very direct (much to my dismay) and I get annoyed when people ho-hum and beat around the bush. It seems a lot of people just don't know their own mind. And a lot of people have absolutely no common sense.

    So, do I like people? I don't know. I like some people. I find almost all people incredibly annoying.

    Josie, I'm surprised to find that you're a quiet person. As you may have guessed, I am definitely not quiet.

    St. Ann

  • StAnn

    Beks, I bet you wouldn't love me. I'd approach you smiling and leave grumpy and distant! he he he

    St. Ann

  • beksbks

    Nope couldn't do it Ann. It's my gift. You'd leave smiling.

  • Gregor

    Generally I tend to like people. I don't like my two sisters at all. I guess it is about getting to know individuals.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    wut the hell post is this??? get out some and smell the chemtrails ;-)

  • mrsjones5

    Josie, I'm surprised to find that you're a quiet person. As you may have guessed, I am definitely not quiet.

    Oh I'm very quiet but outgoing folks like my husband draw me out. I have a friend in Indiana who's a firecracker and I loved being around her. She and my hubby say I have a calming affect on people (if you can believe that ).

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