Passion of the [Irony].

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  • yknot
    for example, marriage rings are pagan in origin

    Thusly, I and many born/raised in my hall, don't wear them.......

    (yes, I am being serious)

  • maninthemiddle

    Wow Yknot, I have never known anyone not to wear one for this reason.

    Goes to show there are all kinds.

    I have, however, known brothers harrassed by sisters for not wearing them.

  • heathen

    I heard somewhere that the cross was used after the catholic religion got it's start in order to confuse the Tao worshipers into joining the religion . I have to agree that the cross is a very ancient symbol and was used in idolatry in worship to the God osiris I think it was the Ankh that meant eternal life . The new testament is very clear in not using any such type of symbolism . The mosaic law was very clear for the jews not to create any sort of idol .

  • elderelite
    Thusly, I and many born/raised in my hall, don't wear them.......
    (yes, I am being serious)

  • mrsjones5

    Like the new avatar Elderelite

  • elderelite

    Thank you miss jones. I loved his character in the matrix.

  • confliction


    Thusly, I and many born/raised in my hall, don't wear them.......


    Well, I guess I have come to assume that WT Theology and rules are generally united from culture to culture...

    But I guess this is an american thing... interesting. They make marriage rings a "conscience matter" here- what about where you live?
    Is it a rule or still a "conscience matter" that people generally choose not to do?

  • teel
    It is a pagan symbol

    Yep, even the Uncyclopedia article acknowledges the huge importance of this, under the "Unclean Things" subheading:

    The cross. Reason: Jesus did not die on a criss-crossed pagan cross. Jesus would absolutely have refused to die on a pagan symbol, so Jesus took out the horizontal beam and die on the phallic symbol instead.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    The whole point of the firstborn son dying for our sins was 1 thing.... dying.

    who cares cross or stake or whatever. And he never stayed dead now did he?? some sacrifice.

    Here let me make a donation of $1,000,000 for _________ get all the glory only to have the $$$$ giving back to me...knowing it was going to be giving back....... I can sacrifice all day long then

  • yknot


    I can't believe I just out 'uber-ed' yall!

    (tsk, tsk.....I bet yall have windchimes and draw hearts too)


    Yes it is a MOC here too, we had them in the ceremony ........but my JW purist streak manifests itself in odd ways so wedding rings 'out' and Calendar of Jehovah 'in'.

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