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  • pirata


    True, they start off with that question, but in the 3rd paragraph they raise the questions:

    Who, then, were the “sheep” of the fold that
    would form “one flock” with the “other sheep”? Would they be the
    Jewish disciples, whereas the “other sheep” would be the Gentiles who,
    in time, were accepted as anointed Christians?

    They then proceed to the discuss the gentiles / "other sheep" issue before returning to the original question.

  • Titus

    Thanks Tonky.

    Earthly and heavenly hopes again.

    Jesus did speak of an earthly Paradise.............
    “little flock” of his heavenly joint heirs
  • Titus

    OK, pirata. I will study it, when I translate it. Thanks.

  • Titus

    Oh, I forgot to say "thank you" to Debator, BANE, Alice and Scholar. Thank you, my brothers and spiritually-weak sister! Thank you.

    Brother Tito

  • leftbelow

    This is one of my favorite thing to use because if they ever really think about it lots of other stuff starts to kick in.

    Great job everyone I am taking notes.

  • pirata

    Thanks for raising the questions Titus. I am doing more real personal study (ie. thinking about what I read) because of questions like these on the site than I have ever done in my life.

    I look forward to your thoughts after you have studied it too!

  • Titus

    I am glad you like it, pirata.

    I will post results of my study when I have studied it.

  • cameo-d

    The flock sheep and the other sheep have nothing whatsoever to do with bloodlines or ethnic origins.

    Jesus said that was all useless geneologies, remember?

  • pirata
    The flock sheep and the other sheep have nothing whatsoever to do with bloodlines or ethnic origins.

    cameo-d: What does it have to do with?

  • Nostromo

    because.... they say so.


    Seriously, in my opinion this is one of the major errors in their doctrine and they must know it is (at least Dan Sydlik knew it already back in the 70s) - and still they are too proud and stubborn to change it. They just cant admit that they have been wrong all this time. It was originally Rutherford's idea and the GB loves that tradition more than what the Bible actually teaches.

    About Sydlik, from the freeminds site: "In the mid-70, when I was at Bethel, my friend Dan Sydlik told me that the other sheep of John 10 were the Gentiles. That made so much sense to me, and it fit so well with the actual state of affairs, that I rejected the two-class fiction then and there, even when I thought that the WTS was still God's organization."

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