It is very mind boggling to me that very few of us.......

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    Very true. I know more about the JW religion than I ever did while I was one. Yet try to share that knowledge with a current JW and they cover their ears and go "lalalalalalala"...

    Yes, I have recently met one in a Chinese language class here in Taiwan. I walked away like Satan's own Son when I was 17, on philosophical grounds, after being "brainsoaked" with this stuff for my entire life until then. I have happily refitted myself so that my life is painlessly blissfully JW-free in every way, from my psychological baseboards to the way I say things (no JW-isms... heheh, you know 'em when you here 'em...).

    And that brings me back to the Finnish lady I met, also an international student. I sensed something about her, but couldn't pin it on anything, so I blew it off. Then she gave a powerpoint presentationi on Christmas since our current chapter covers the topics associated with holidays. Well, you can bet that I perked up when she mentioned "Saturnalia". All her other information, all the way up to Odin, was on point, but nothing crisply said "JW in the HOUSE" like her saying "Saturnalia" with a Finnish accent whilst speaking an otherwise all-Mandarin presentation. Funny how JW nomenclature sort of has a life of its own, isn't it?

    Well, we had a brief talk afterwards, because she noticed that I had mentioned that I grew up in a sect of Christianity that didn't celebrate anything, including Halloween, though other Christians did, as did I since I was Satanic in nature (as I duly mentioned). She came up to me and asked me, and that is what started our conversation. The funny thing is, I didn't even care after she said Saturnalia. I figured she just stumbled on the term and said the Latinate word as it should be said, and didn't assume she was JW. I was free from caring, in fact. But she couldn't resist getting into a convo with me when she smelled JW on me. Haha!! Of course, she went "lalalalalalala" when I mentioned rather important issues of theology which the JW line cannot handle, but that's as much as I expected. Haha!! I know she'll masochistically come back for more philosophical spankings later on anyway, and perhaps a little erotic maintenance (not that I'd indulge, you know how nasty repression-venting sex is on a psychospiritual level!).

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