Preparing information about cults and mind control to a therapist...

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  • confliction


    I think jwfacts pretty much made my point here.

    First off, she is a psychologist- she is experienced and trained in the sciences related to examination of the human psyche, or mind. She applies this knowledge of the human mind to therapy. This is why I used a slash "/" when referring to her as a psychologist and therapist.

    If you really want to get technical, she's a psychotherapist.

    The fact that you try to insult and downplay the idea that I may, in fact be medically depressed is, I assume, because I have explained here a major factor in why I'm having a depression, and you instinctually feel offended by that. I guess I can understand that.

    But the fact that I am medically depressed and have had recurring bouts of suicidal thoughts and low self esteem could never possibly be because I've been raised a witness- or so you think. I can understand that, and this is why you're defending yourself in futility, right here, right now.

    If you really want to create an argument over this because you feel you're not involved in a cult and I, along with everyone else is exaggerating the situation, go ahead- you have free will. I simply want to inform my counselor and help her see things better through my "eyes", assessing the real root of this problem so she can better help me combat my depression and get on with my life.

    And I will.

    So, please, continue wasting your life by yourself- you're not convincing anyone now, nor are you going to convince anyone to join you in your illusory paradisiacal earth.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Hi Confliction,

    I am also seeing a psychologist for depression issues and I have had to educate her on JW issues. I’ve done it mainly by explaining things as I go – she asks questions if she wants, and I hope that if she wants more information, that she will educate herself online.

    I also had depression as a child/teenager, and I think it’s great that you’re getting help so early in life. Take advantage of all and any help that you can get. Trust me, it will help you in the longterm.

    Hugs to you!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    You seem tpo be a very bright young person. Quite capable of making your points (without being insulting).

    I am sure you will do well with your therapy. Never give up your free will and independent mind. And I hope we wil see you here as long as you need the support we can offer you

    Maybe one day alice will realize why she is really posting here

  • quietlyleaving

    hi confliction

    imo it is important to have your pain and suffering validated and legitimized. Share with your therapist your feelings and the episodes from your JW life that generated those feelings. Depression does often result from burying one's feelings in order to fit in with what is dictated by authority. Part of the therapists job is to bring those feelings to the surface and provide you with a sense of validation. But if you can't get her to understand what buried your emotions in the first place this is going to be a stumbling block to you for your recovery. You may need to compromise with how you perceive her understanding of your situation. Also trying to get therapists to understand about cults may take up precious time. Your therapist will very likely understand your situation and your plight more than you know from what you share of your experiences of actually being (or of being threatened to be) victimized, stigmatized etc.

    But info from xjws can be very helpful. I was reading that professionals are indeed heading in the direction of taking more and more notice of blogs and internet discussion boards (that are set up by exiting members of high control groups) to understand how religions manipulate and control social space to get people to do what they want them to and to get them to bury their own abilities to liberate themselves. Emotions are a great help in this liberation and help us to make rational judgements that give us our independence and sense of wellbeing so I hope you can open up to her.

    I think it is important to gather some info for your therapist but don't get hung up about it trusting that she understands more than you think.

    good luck to you


    Thanks Lady Lee, I stand corrected.

  • jamiebowers

    @Black Sheep:

    I'm sure Alice would love to set her straight on a few things.

    No biggie.. I'm sure the psychtherapist is trained to spot delusional thinking, but thanks for the laugh!

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