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  • brotherdan

    So I was talking to one of my "apologist" friends, and he just got back from a mormon outreach mission in Utah. He was able to help a 17 year old Mormon girl to begin to see the truth and was really excited about it. He goes to these temple conventions and temple openings all the time to preach Jesus to them.

    So he was interested in doing that at a JW convention. I told him that that wouldn't be very productive. Witnesses will NOT talk to you around other Witnesses because they view you as an apostate. He asked, "What if I had a sign with a happy face that said, "" would they go to the site? After all...we are happy!" I told him no they normally wouldn't because of their fear of "apostates".

    He asked what would be a useful domain name that may get JW attention. I told him that I'd ask all you guys.

    What do you think? Do you think something straight forward would get a JW to go to the site, or something sly? Any ideas about what might work? It wouldn't just be some sort of JW bashing site, but a site designed to bring them to Christ.

  • dinah

    First, you are going with the assumption that they are looking for Christ.

    Their beliefs ruin it for all of religion for most of us. Maybe if you catch them young, they'll just be under an easier delusion.............

  • brotherdan

    I agree that they are not looking. So what might catch their eye, even if they are not actively seeking? Something that could cause them to pause and think....?

  • pirata
  • Heartbreaker

    making making a play off the expression "If it's truth, it will hold up under ANY light...even new light" lol

  • undercover
    So what might catch their eye, ... Something that could cause them to pause

    Naked chicks

    Works for me, anyway...

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    This is kinda obvious, but....


  • sherah
    Pirata -

    Tried and true....

    My suggestions would be TheTruthaboutTheTruth dot com or JWTruth dot com

  • brotherdan

    I KNEW I'd get one like yours, Undercover! Knew it!!! LOL

  • brotherdan

    LOVE the suggestions, Sherah!

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