Do you know (or are) a former JW elder/leader that became a pastor or leader in another Christian denomination?

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  • StAnn

    I had to be baptized again when I became a Christian. The Christian churches do not accept a non-Trinitarian baptism.

    Define "Leader". This is our own JSchwehm being interviewed on a program called "The Journey Home" for converts to Catholicism. This is an mp3 file, not a video.

  • man in black
    man in black

    What a great topic !

    I never even thought that this would happen in the ex - jw world.

    It seems that almost everytime I go on this site I'm able to peel off another layer off of the "JW onion".

  • digderidoo

    Yes, Pastor Dave Hall of Living Water's Ministries in Cyprus.....

    He and his wife were JW's for 50 years.

  • Titus

    I didn't know that koolaid-man is Ricky Fearon.


    I told koolaid-man that Ricky Fearon looks like an idiot.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Trying to recall a name - this guy was a bethel-elder I think who converted to Catholicism, later to be involved in the church as a minister of some sort. His name escapes me.

    Also, there is a former elder who lives in Wisconsin, wrote an xjw book, he was a circuit overseer. Can't recall his name either.

    My memory sucks today.


  • JWoods

    A little off to the side of this, but was Worldwide Church of God guy A.A.Armstrong some kind of ex-bible student or ex-witness?

    I remember old-timers claiming this, and also claiming that he plaigarized the Watchtower.

  • wannabefree

    LOL Titus

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Good question JWoods.

    I think I recall someone saying he was 'second generation' evil slave, meaning that his parents had been Bible Students and broke the other way at the split under Rutherford. But I don't know for sure.

    He did believe a lot of similar things, and that Church and its offshoots still do from what I can tell.


  • JWoods

    IF it were true, AK_Jeff, wouldn't he be just about the most successful preacher who had ex-JW ties?

    Of course, taking into account that his church changed it's doctrines and slipped a great deal after his death.

  • StAnn

    JWoods, funny you should bring up Herbert Armstrong. My mother was studying the Armstrong material (it came mail order at that time) when the JWs came knocking at her door. They convinced her that Armstrong was only interested in money and, of course, the next lesson from the WWCoG said that she'd received 10 lessons from them, couldn't she give them a 10th of what she had? That's why she quit studying Armstrong and started studying with the JWs. The fact that the JWs knew that would happen made her feel they had "superior knowledge."

    About a month or two ago, there was this guy on a cable infomercial (Friday nights at midnight) and I would have sworn, with a very few exceptions in his speech, that he was a JW. He spoke for half an hour and never revealed his denomination. I googled him and discovered that he was a WWCoG man.

    It was striking just how similar his speech was to the WTS's writings.

    St. Ann

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