Now versus 7 Years Ago.....

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  • Desilusionnee

    Thanks for sharing Ak-Jeff. It's really refreshing/encouraging for us newbies!


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Isn’t freedom great, Jeff?

    Glad you have reached the same stage as many of us exes.

  • debator

    And yet akjeff

    Whether you intended it or not. Your expressions are very generalised.

    "Freedom to really grow as a human being " "Live, Laugh, Love, as if each moment could be our Last"

    I personally find a greater freedom in searching and finding God specifically rather than just living in the moments that slip into memories so easily.

    You have made a choice Ak-jeff that I respect but also I challenge since you put it up here for us to see. It does feel like an appeal to emotion.

    "Instead of facts, persuasive language is used to develop the foundation of an appeal to emotion-based argument. Thus, the validity of the premises that establish such an argument does not prove to be verifiable. [ 1 ]"

    "Conclusively, the appeal to emotion fallacy presents a perspective intended to be superior to reason"

    An Appeal to Emotion is a fallacy with the following structure:

    1. Favorable emotions are associated with X.
    2. Therefore, X is true.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    So, you are stating Debator, that the emotions inherent in 'finding God' or 'getting saved' or 'believing in Jesus' or 'being a faithful Jw' or whatever are not of the same fallacious sort?

    I personally find a greater freedom in searching and finding God specifically rather than just living in the moments that slip into memories so easily.

    My post was emotional. But my freedom is not based on fading emotion, but on realistic choices. In the end, no matter those choices, we all end up dead. Even you. Life is constantly filled with emotion - but to imply that my life is just emotion without substance is to oversimplify and judge that which you cannot possibly know.

    Would it have better satisfied your pseudo-scientific mind if I had been cold and specific and left emotion out of my post. WTF?

    You like to turn a pleasant thread into something to analyze and criticize, or what?


  • bohm

    Thanks for taking time to describing your journey.. very beautifully stated. I wouldnt worry to much about debator, he previously stated that one of his "major victories" has been to get himself partially banned from IMDB...

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx bohm. I didn't really understand why anyone would find it curious that emotion enters into the matter of freedom. It always has. That argument about emotional fallacy belongs to those debating/arguing a point - I wasn't. I was expressing joy - that is emotional by nature. And glad the religion didn't succeed in taking all of it from me.


  • undercover

    Great post, Jeff. Thank you.

    I can relate to a lot of what you said...I've had similar thoughts though I could never have written it so elequently. Some parts sound like you were reading my mind and wrote it out for others to understand.

    Yes, freedom is great.

  • PSacramento


    We don't always agree on things in regards to religion, and such, but we both agree on the power of love and its role in healing.

    I see love in your posts, a love for freedom, a love for you fellow posters and a love for those in your life.

    You have been through much and still carry those scars and may well carry them forever, but rejoice and be proud that your strength has allowed Love to be your guiding force and has never allowed love to die.

    Stories like yours give us hope, those still in and those with loved one still in and under control.

    A life without emotion is no life at all and love is the greatest of emotions.

    It is still my wish, my heartfelt hope that, one day, Our Lord will speak to you and you will hear, but even if that never happens, having come to know you from your posts, I know that Our Lord is still with you and always will be.

    Your friend,


  • changeling

    Beautiful! :)

  • poppers

    I initially got drawn into this site because of the many horror stories I found here, but I stay because of stories like yours, stories in which people learn to free themselves.

    I personally find a greater freedom in searching and finding God specifically rather than just living in the moments that slip into memories so easily.

    How can you find freedom in searching? Searching means you don't have the freedom you seek and so you must look for it. Continue to search if you want, but know that as long as you search you will never find. Whatever "God" is needs no search to be found if God is omnipresent, like we've all been taught; all that's needed is to see what is already present fully, here now. Searching only gets in the way of "seeing"/realizing what you seek. Stop everything, every impulse to search, to know more, to be anything, and what is found?

    What other moment is there to live in but this very one? You seem prefer to live in the future, but the future will never get here because life is now, and the future exists only as an idea in your head. See that and the search is over.

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