2014 100th anniversary of 1914

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  • rnicole76

    Do you all think there will be huge drop in memberships of jehovah witnesses during 2014? I don't believe so because the governing body member will come up with new reasons why armageddon hasn't come yet. I was thinking they will reinterpret scriptures and stuff...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I think the drop is now. it will likely rise again towards 2014, then drop again after, then 2018, then the same again for 2034 (120yrs from 1914 = same as Noahs time period). The Noooooooolight will be "adjusted" in accordance with the timing of those years to highten (but not directly state) expectations. e.g "The year 2014AD will mark (clever word MARK as it weights the sentence) 100yrs since Christ came to power in his Heavenly Kingdom"...

    However I cant think of a single time when 100 years had ANY significance biblicaly so 2014 and 2018 are merely human timelines as if 100yrs had some kind of significance (which it clearly doesnt). So they will likely not discourage such speculations and will be feeding it subtly as above.


  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Spoiler Alert:

    No One Here Gets Out Alive

    Jim Morrison

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't know about "a huge" exodus but there will be some. Every event in the WT causes some to leave. 2014 will be another one, IMO.

    More important than the number of people who leave is the type of people who leave. People who are thinkers, smart, assertive, and possessing leadership qualities are leaving the Borg and it hurts them long-term.

    Think about some of the people here. Elders, servants, missionaries, bethelites, and dozens if not hundreds of brilliant women. How can it NOT hurt the Borg to lose these people?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    How can it NOT hurt the Borg to lose these people?

    They'll still have people like mAlice and Bane. That'll hurt.



  • cameo-d

    Well, the xtians have changed the rapture date to 2018. According to those nutheads they think there is a 7 year treaty which will start next year. Hey...this is what their evangelistic leadership is telling them. I couldn't make up s*** this outrageous. All they are doing is shortening the dangle of the carrot to buy some time.

    Then again, if the rumored methane cloud bursts out of the gulf floor we may all see the "rapture" ahead of schedule.

    Will the 100 yr. anniversary change any JW thinking? Not as long as they can prove there are still those who are 100+ still living who were born in 1914. They will just keep hanging on as long as they can.

    I have all ideas the light will get much brighter between now and 2014 and they will probably have a very different spiel by then.

  • JustHuman14

    They can't hold on forever in 1914....so they will have to change that. They did for 1874, the supposed invisible presence of Christ, it was changed in the mid 30's, so it is about time for a new light, don't you think?

  • wasblind

    If they don't change the " Reasoning of the Scriptures " book

    they'll have a lot of explaining to do, about whats written

    on pg 234 promising that the 1914 generation will be the ones to see the end.

    and yes they still use this book in field service. Because they then have to explain

    why Jehovah sent Jesus down to tell a bunch of lies.

  • straightshooter

    They came up with the crazy new twist of the generation. That will buy them the necessary 70 years for a different GB to have to explain why Armageddon has not came.

  • snowbird
    I was thinking they will reinterpret scriptures and stuff...

    They just did by linking Matthew 24:34 back to Exodus 1:6.


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