AUDIO: "Dubnesia" demonstrated. JWs can not recall what they heard in a talk

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  • dozy

    I remember when the assembly & convention reviews were on the next service meeting after the assembly. All these people who had expressed "how wonderful the assembly was" , "food at the proper time" , "marvellous" etc were just sitting on their hands & not answering up. One sister who I had seen after the assembly in a kind of post orgasmic glow after "all the fabulous spiritual food from the Slave" just sat there with a glazed expression. I could never understand why a week after an experience that they had defined as being so good and upbuilding that they were unable to express anything tangibly good about it.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    That is crazy man!

    talk about stumbling fools!

    just amazed


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