Time to go from Ministerial Servant to Elder

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  • garlic81

    What is the shortest timeframe you've seen for one to go from Ministerial Servant to an Elder if he:

    • Is on good terms with all elders and the circuit overseer.
    • Gives the CO a green handout to help out with his expenses on each visit.
    • Has the CO over for a meal each visit.
    • Has phone number and email of CO and communicates at least every other month - just to chat about how things are going, good service experiences, etc. (as any other friend would.)
    • Gives meaningful comments several times at each meeting.
    • Serves as a regular pioneer, and is exceeding the hour requirement. Averages 80-140 hours per month.
    • Serves on the RBC to help build Kingdom Halls.
    • Goes to an unassigned territory assignment to help out at least once per year.
    • Assists in pre/post assembly/convention setup, and works in departments during the event.
    • Is scheduled, shows up, and gives good public talks in his local and other congregations; about once per month.
    • Is meeting all the other assignments given him by the elders.
    • His family is a good example in the congregation and his wife is a regular pioneer who is meeting her hour requirement.
    • His wife get's along well with the elders wives, and the circuit overseer and his wife.
    • Is regular in all his personal study, family worship, etc.
    • Has put in applications for temporary bethel work, and a temporary assignment as a special pioneer.
    • Visits infirm ones, and does best to encourage others in the organization.
  • asilentone

    I know one guy personally, one year from MS to Elder sometime in the 1980's, very rare. That guy is still an elder.

  • Titus
    Is regular in all his personal study, family worship, etc.

    No, it is important to make it known. If nobody knows for that, then your personal study and family worship is useful-for-nothing.

  • garlic81

    Forgot to mention this person has been baptized 16 years.

  • Titus


  • asilentone

    The elder guy(as mentioned above), he was raised in the "truth". He is VERY loyal to the Watchtower. I was not surprised he was recommended that quickly, maybe little bit.

  • elderelite


    Just curious... why are you asking?

  • asilentone

    when he started another new thread, I am getting suspicious.

  • JWoods

    I was wondering that too, elderelite. Garlic has another thread wanting to know how to get appointed as a temporary circuit overseer.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I've known kids to come home from Bethel as MS and be elders within a year. They were eminently UNqualified to lead ANYthing.

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