are you glad to be done with this type of insanity (taken from yahoo e-mail group)

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  • booby


    I've been doing research and can find almost nothing on this in the research aids.

    My question is this. At the end of the system, the calamity of the coming destruction will be enough to destroy most of the life on this planet. I recently saw the movie 2012 and believe this is probably the most accurate representation for me intellectually of what the end of the system will be like.

    The question is regardless of flood, fire, earthquake or whatever natural disasters are used by Jehovah to bring destruction, how will he protect his people?

    There are only two precedents for this before:

    1. Flood at Noah's time,
    2. Egyptians fleeing Israel

    On both occasions Jehovah was able to protect the 'small' group through divine action. However, if there are 7-8 m of us spread Geographically, how will he protect us from such calamity?

    The answer the society gives seems to simply amount to the fact that we should have 'faith' that we'll survive if we stick to Jah. However, I'd like to approach this from a practical and scientific viewpoint - practically how is Jehovah going to do this? Have any of you given this some thought?

    Your brother

  • JWoods

    Perhaps an aluminum foil hat would be in order?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Someone is really thinking. He's gonna get caught, soon.

  • serenitynow!

    They just cant wait for Armageddon can they?

  • booby

    white dove _ I agree. either that he is really looking for others comments to see if he is not the only one that thinks like this or he really does need the aluminum foil hat.

  • NeonMadman

    This shows the tendency among JW's to think of God as less than almighty, as being bound by physical laws that somehow exist apart from himself. That isn't the description of the Bible's God, who can do all things, who established the physical laws and can supersede them as he sees fit.

  • booby

    serenitynow - yes its like "I really am looking forward to Jah causin all this destruction" but "can I be certain I get out of it without a scratch?"

  • lisaBObeesa

    I don't know how someone who believes in God could ask such a question.

    Anyway, I don't think he will get into any trouble for this question or questions like it since in the Borg it is perfectly acceptable to question God as much as you like.

    Just so long as you don't question the Organization, you are fine.

  • Balsam

    LOL the anal fear of Jehovah bringing destruction of the people on earth. 2012 if applied to JW's would only have JW's on the ships of survival, and everyone knows that even if the WTBTS had enough money the only ones on those survival boats would be the GB. I can't believe that JW's still think along this path since the end didn't come in 1975. I stopped thinking that way after it didn't come and by 2001 said this is pure baloney to myself. I still can't believe I believed it as long as I did. I don't even worry about what the scientist say about asteroids hitting the earth one day, at least I know it isn't some angry god doing it.

  • snowbird

    Let the questions continue - they will lead to discussion boards like this one.


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