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  • XPeterX

    Last Saturday night my older sister,24 years old,not a JW,went to a party.To make a long story short she almost got raped by a guy who found the chance to do so (he has been accused of rapes in the past too).Then my sister called 3 of her neo-nazi friends after the party to attack him.So they took knives,clubs,and crowbars and went at his house.He managed to escape and didn't apologise for anything.Now they are planning to kidnap him,drive him in a deserted place and beat him really bad and make him regret it.What should I do now after all this?I can't sleep at nights.

  • fokyc

    XPeterX, Terrible experience!

    Perhaps you should ask those Elders who are going to answer your other questions?

  • Soldier77

    You can do 3 things:

    1) Call the cops.

    2) Call your friend and join in the melee.

    3) Do nothing.

    I recommend talking to your friend and getting her to call the cops, that gets her to do the right thing without doing something criminal in return.

  • asilentone

    the smart thing to do is to call the cops, but do not let them know that you called the cops for your protection.

  • Soldier77

    err sorry, tell your sister to call the cops. Sounds like she is in rage mode so yeah, what Asilentone said.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Have your sister to press charges with the police. Since she called the neo-nazi guys for vengence.........if something bad happens to the POS who almost raped her, then she could possibly get into some serious trouble.

    Think About It

  • asilentone

    what if he died, your sister could be in jail for life.

  • snowbird

    Somebody, call the police.


  • Quandry

    Your sister seems to be in bad company all the way around.

    If this man is hurt and the "neo=nazi friends" are arrested, she could be held responsible.

    You can give her advice to find better associates but cannot live her life for her.

  • JWoods

    If this is for real (and I have serious doubts) - do like Sylvia says and call the cops.

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