Knowledge of Good and Evil

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    the whip cream, I mean, not the cobbler. and that's not a dirty joke. homemade whip cream for desserts takes like, 5 minutes to make and is 100 times better

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    Olin Moyles Ghost

    NVL: (Genesis 2:17) . . .But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will positively die.”

    Isn't it interesting how the first character in the Bible to tell a lie isn't Satan...rather it's God?

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    Well, maybe Shlomo's "God" was a different "God" than that other "God'...

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    Oh you know you can ask me anything. I'm sweeter than a peach cobbler with homemade whip cream (which I make on a regular basis).

    Uh huh. Yep. Go post your peach cobbler recipe on our 'dinner at the proper time' thread, and I'll be happy :)

    They didn't die that day. They did not died in that day. They died hundred of year later accoding to the bible. You could make the thousand years or the "they began to die that die" argument, but they were never promised eternal life or a thousand year life and the bible never says they would begin to die that day. Taken at it's word, god lied. the serpent was right.

    Unless it was spiritual death that God was talking about. Same as what Jesus seemed to be concerned about - spiritual life or spiritual death. Since Jesus reflects his Father, this is why I believe that it was spiritual life that God spoke of.

    "Let the dead bury their own dead." (Obviously the spiritually dead - for they had to be physically alive to do the burying)

    "The Spirit gives life. The flesh counts for nothing."

    Assuming Satan knew this - as of course he would - that just makes his deception all the more sinister. Because it doesn't appear to be a lie, but it is a deception that led to their death and expulsion from Eden, nonetheless.


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    Oh. I missed your second comment about the whipping cream, NVL. Still, our dinner at the proper time thread awaits your instructions. I'm actually really curious now. I love dessert.


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    Agonus - Might be right there

  • EndofMysteries

    Since on Adam and Eve

    Any takers on who HIS SEED and HER SEED is? Who the two seeds have been down to today?

  • Terry

    The first thing that tips you off you are being razzle-dazzled by a hoaxter is a sudden RE-interpretation of the facts!

    Bait and Switch.

    Dead. Die. What do those words mean to a person who hears them?

    What do any words mean unless there is an agreed upon common context?

    If "death" and dying comes from experience---what interpretation would a listening human apply?

    IF Adam and Eve had watched animals die (we don't know they actually did) their natural interpretation of "You will surely die" certainly would

    be the SAME death the animals had which they witnessed themselves.

    If Adam and Eve never saw anything die at all----there could be no interpretation or fear possible!

    My point?

    A True Believer is forced away from the rules when their team starts to lose. They must change the rules to win!

    Die can't mean "death" of the natural body any longer if "The day you eat of it you will surely die" didn't happen!!

    Time to change the rules!!

    "Death" now has to be RE-interpreted to a fuzzy, wonky, amorphous defintion of "spiritual" death! As if the word "Spiritual" appeared in the warning in the first place!!

    If a used car salesman said to you, "Pay me a thousand dollars today and that Cadillac is yours." Paying the thousand dollars and NOT getting the title to the car might make you furious and accuse the salesman of lying!

    "I mean eventually yours AFTER additional payments are made!"

    How honest a fellow are we dealing with here?

    Spiritual is a word without a true definition! It can mean any old thing you want it to mean. Why is that? Because real things are demonstrable through our senses. Metaphysical assertions are not demonstrable through our senses. Why? Because they are imaginary!

    Metaphysical nonsense is without meaning because it is all asserted with great authority and zero provability or testability!

    That's my two cents.

    You can't change the definition of a word simply to save the day and win an argument.

  • tec

    Terry - if you don't believe in spiritual things, then the bible and indeed most of Jesus' words would have little meaning for you. So you can dismiss them on that basis for yourself, but you cannot dismiss that Jesus spoke of spiritual things. (except to dismiss everything written, yes, I understand) But instead of listing more examples, I'll just stick with the ones I gave:

    'The Spirit gives life. The flesh counts for nothing.' and 'Let the dead bury their own dead.'

    The first is obvious, I think. The second : Tell me how the dead doing the burying can mean a physically dead person?

    I'm not changing rules to save the day and win an argument, nor am I a hoaxter (basically a liar) trying to razzle-dazzle someone. I'm trying to understand things as Jesus showed and taught them.


  • PSacramento
    In 1 Kings 3:9, Solomon asks for wisdom to discern between good and evil. In verse 10 we are told this request was pleasing to god that Solomon had asked for this instead of riches.
    WTH? Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden for wanting that same knowledge!

    Well, to answer your question, he ASKED, BUt the point wasn't that, the point or lesson was that he asled for that INSTEAD of riches.

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