Female Elders, have you heard anything?

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  • ambersun

    Back in the 1960s I spent a week staying with a sister who's congregation was over 90% female and only had two brothers capable to taking meetings. One of them had to preside over every meeting so goodness knows what happened if he was ever ill! The other brother, I don't know if he was an elder or a MS but he could only attend the KH every other Sunday because of his job, running the ferry crossing. There was a group of sisters who took on all the duties of Elders and Ministerial Servants such as running the book room and attending to congregation needs but without the titles bestowed on brothers who normally do these tasks. One sister who was clearly in charge but very humble and sweet told me her husband used to be the Presiding Overseer but ran off with one of the only other brothers (I kid you not) in the congo a year or so previously.

    That sister's congregation was one of the happiest, united and well organised group of people I have ever known! If anyone ever deserved the title of Elder she did!!!!

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Of course there are many informally appointed 'ederettes' in the organization. However formally will never ever happen. Just this past weekend the WT hammered again on submisiveness of the woman.

  • KnowlegeSeeker_UK

    I left the JW's but I did so after extensively examining the bible. Once I found deep faults here I felt compeled to drop everything. It was painful but at the same time the shackles fell off and I was free....

    The bible was written many years ago, the accounts based on various older stories, myths and beliefs documented in aincient civilizations such as the sumarians. I wont waist tiem going into it now, go read and discover for your goodselves. Anyway the point I am getting to is that women were once adored and seen as not equal to men but indeed higher. Why ? These beautiful creatures could make NEW human beings! From aincient times they were worshiped. Even though much was done to quell this it's roots reach out to today, the goddesses of this era are present in the corners of the word, from atop The Capitol Building to paintings in art galleries. The church hated all of this and saw it as pagan. A huge turning point came after the early christians had become wealthy and powerful. Men were dying and leaving land and fortune (therefore power) to their wives. It is evident now that the reason why Marriage was ruled out for priests was to prevent the loss of this land and wealth. No wives, no families, all went to the church. Scripture was then slowly altered and rendered in such a way as to make "women a weaker vessel", something that makes my insides wish to vomit with anger and shame. All are equal. A woman cant teach in a Kingdom hall, but she can perform brain surgery in the hospital down the road. Ridiculous !!! Women are more emotional.... balls ! Its primitive, its old and its wrong.

    Not all women want equality, I find this sad but I recognise their right to choice. I strongly suggest you read the amazing history of the church and women. It says so much that JW's have blindly carried on this false nonsence.

    "Could any sisters willing to bake cakes and help prepare and clean the hall for this privilaged event please come to me after the meeting...." Thank goodness I dont have to put up listening to that creepy nonsense anymore. Nevermind the American bullshit of Women must dress like 1950's prudes. Wear trousers!!!!! Whatever next.. you will be wanting a penis of your own !

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