For those growing up with a non-JW parent

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  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Yes, my experience is similar to many of yours

    My dad got baptized in the 1950's in order to marry my mom, he stopped going shortly after that. My dad never opposed us violently, but just said little things which signaled his disapproval.

    Mom had me pray every night that my dad would come back to the truth as a child. She was bitter and angry with dad (I think stemming back to her disappointment with his non-comittal to the Borg) They faught constantly, she always pointed out the root of their problems as the fact that they were "a divided household". Whenever I was not invited to a get together or over to other JW's houses to play, she blamed it on the fact that my dad wasn't in the truth. She made me see him as the villan, so I treated him with little respect. He tried to reason with me the only way he could, encouraging college & getting out when I was trapped in the Borg "unable to remarry"- but I didn't listen.

    Cant take it back now, can only control my future actions

    Maybe I will try too to tell dad that I'm sorry before it is too late

    thanks for the thread


  • GLTirebiter

    JWinProtest, CHG: call him, talk to him, let him know he is loved, not hated.

  • MrFreeze

    My dad wasn't a JW. He hated that my mom became a Witness but eventually eased up on it. He never really gave us many problems.

  • dgp

    I don't mean to disrespect anybody's experiences, but what I find is that obviously it would have been best if you all had been born exclusively to non-JW parents.

  • StAnn

    dgp, you are correct. However, my older siblings WERE born to non-JW parents. Then my MOTHER converted and ruined everything.

    BTW, I used to date a guy whose initials are GDP. Every time I see you post, I'm take aback a bit!

  • dgp

    St. Ann, he must have been a rich man, wasn't he? As in "Gross Domestic Product"?

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