JW.org now has Books and Brochures in PDF!!!

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  • yknot

    So far only 'MYOBS' and 'WDTBRT' ....

    Yea I think it is AWESOME!

    Embrace technology, embrace it 'Mother'..........(remember Rutherford's and Knorr wanted JWs to appear 'modern'!)

    ((((( If you lurk for a 'given one'........whisper to him that Sister Yknot says 'SOLON ASSOCIATION'..... boost in WTS cash intake,))))))


  • yknot

    Hey WT Staff.......

    I have more PDFs if you need them......... !!!!!

    Seriously, upload:

    Books,: God's Love, Come Follow, Bearing, Jeremiah..........

    KMs : Totally do the KMs!

    Brochures.... I have them in PDF too--- PM me and I will save your boys some work!

    I want TRACTS too!!!!



    (giggles, lots and lots of girly-fied giggles!!!)

  • Peaches1978

    i can picture you right now in front of the pc typing and with lots of giggles too.... that's cool..

  • Soldier77

    You are bordering hysteria girl! But this is interesting, if they will start moving to electronic downloads... wouldn't that cut into the donations? I mean hell, if it's a free download I'm sure as hell not "donating" to their cause. I'd think more people would think that way. So they are going to have to introduce a money making cow other than DC's. Wouldn't you think? Or am I wrong?

  • GoingGoingGone

    Of course they do. It's going to save them a buttload of cash over time.

    My husband used to get the WT on CD, so that he could listen to the articles in the car. Well, the WTS stopped sending the CDs, and instead made the articles available for download on their website.... so we spent a fortune in blank CDs so that he could download that crap and listen to it.

    Pretty soon all the JWs are going to have to download all their books and print them up themselves... LOL!


  • GoingGoingGone

    @soldler77 - I think there are so many JWs who "forget" to donate for the literature that the WTS had to do something about it. They can still rake in for the Worldwide Work, or whatever they call that stuff now....


  • isaacaustin

    what are 'MYOBS' and 'WDTBRT' ??

  • Soldier77

    Oh I know what you mean GGG. I used to assist the accounts servent count the money after each meeting. If there wasn't the multi-millionaire elder carrying the payments for the KH, the congregation wouldn't able to exist.

  • pirata
    so we spent a fortune in blank CDs so that he could download that crap and listen to it.

    Have you considered buying your husband an mp3 player? You could even add in some starter files, like Fred Franz's 1975 talk.

  • Soldier77

    My Book of Bible Stores and What Does the Bible Really Teach Isaac.

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