The Beautiful Soul

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Polly lamented that she had spent too much time being beautiful.

    It was not her fault that life's capricious art had fashioned her so very lovely. Though her outward pulchritude was quite evenly matched by an inner beauty of unsurpassed purity, the young lady was nonetheless uneasy with her separateness from the ordinary folk. This is not to say that her female companions were inordinately jealous of Polly's exquisiteness. Her goodness of heart and selflessness toward friend and stranger alike totally leveled the playing field as to how we petty humans tend to discriminate on the basis of one's personal appearance.

    The problem lay, however, with the male of the species. Despite feigning gallantry and courteous attentiveness toward the not completely naive Polly, her numerous suitors inevitably showed who they truly were at heart ...

    Men are beasts ...

    Can the goodness of even one so pure of heart rein in the rapacious nature of men on the prowl and tame it into amiable domesticity?

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    CoCo dear,

    I am pm'ing you now.

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    Yes, but it takes a lot of patience.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    She could not have made a more simple request: kindly let me alone.

    Polly, however, was far too refined, much too kindly disposed, to utter a literal, wordy protestation against an interloper's well-meaning but unwelcomed intrusion upon her fiercely guarded world of peace and quiet. When accosted by garrulous codgers or meddling old biddies, Polly would find herself seized by a trifling but genuine indisposition, most likely triggered by a deeply seated instinct for the emergency needs of the bruised soul, namely, toward the uncertain survival of the damaged, fragile children of a cruel world.

    By the mere lowering of the eyes, this delicately fashioned gamine spirited herself away to an imagined place of tranquil repose where, if one were called upon to speak at all, one would make only the choicest declarations: those of wisdom, courage, love. Or Polly would avert her gaze to a feigned object of interest in the middle ground. The harmless but unwelcomed intruders upon the troubled woman's private space vanished into the vast and ever mutating atmosphere of eternal sky and finite mind. In all this Polly was not of malicious intent, nor was she careless regarding the dull and ignorant, who, admittedly, have their tales to tell. Polly hated rudeness most passionately, fully aware of the worth of all people, however humble, however rustic.

    How could these good-hearted folk know what tempest was brewing within the deep confines of Polly's mind and heart? Certainly, they could not be expected to be put in the picture of so personal, so tragic a tableau of life and death chez the Dexter-Hayes family.

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    Hello, CoCo

    Thank you for sharing your gift with words.

    I feel there are both men and women who posses a genuine loving quality for others.But it is not the norm though.

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    Love it.

    Would love more please.


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    compound complex

    Thanks so very much for your replies and kind words, Musky [I've missed you, but I, too, have been in and out lately] and Tammy [yes, more's on the way!].

    Your encouragement means so much to me.



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    I have to add my appreciation CoCo, I was considering a new "where is CoCo" thread when you showed up.

    *Waves to Musky*

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