Watchtower says GENERATION is NOT the Anointed!

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  • ambersun

    WTBTS = Watchtower Bible and Tacking Society

  • Pistoff

    Think about this: the WT has used a sailing tactic, used to move FORWARD to an intended destination, not flip flop, and a proverb about the steady increase of light toward dawn, to defend their constant changes in doctrine, explanation of prophecy and policy about who stays a member and who gets shunned.

    Again: a proverb, and a sailing tactic, to defend major life changing shifts and often reversals that affect 6 million people.

  • Quandry

    Pre 1995 Generation- Annointed followers alive in 1914

    1995 Generation- Wicked non-believers

    2010 Generation- Annointed followers who whose lives overlap the Annointed followers alive in 1914

    This can't possibly be construed as coming from Holy Spirit as "new light" that gets brighter and always "builds on itself" has become ludicrous...

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    It's not "new light" or "brighter light". It's "different light".

    They don't fine tune or polish their doctrine. The new generation teaching is not a refining of what they've taught for years. It's a complete change of direction. Their "light" is not getting brighter. They've turned off one "light" and turned on a completely different one

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Their teaching on "this generation" isn't a simple matter of changing direction or "tacking", it's completely flipping over.

    Does the celestial chariot flip upside-down?

  • civicsi00

    It doesn't matter what the WTBTS teaches. It's all mind control. If they start to teach that frogs can indeed talk and the sky is green, then all JW's will follow suit. To quote Ray Franz from ISOCF, pages 420-421:

    "True, there is periodic acknowledgement in the publications that the writers are, after all, "imperfect men," and that the organization has "never claimed to be infallible." In actual practice it works out quite differently. One finds out that this only applies to the past, not to the present. While the organization must recognize that it has changed a considerable number of its past teachings- which makes it evident that they were in error- it does not feel moved to modesty by those errors, so as to remind its readers that what it now says may also suffer due to that same imperfection. To the contrary, Jehovah's Witnesses are called on to take whatever is currently taught as if it were infallible. In effect they are told, "You should accept everything published as absolute truth until such time as we may tell you it isn't." This is, purely and simply, mind control."

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    That is kind of scary isn't it?

    How many JW's would still follow the Faithful Slave Class if they came out with a Watchtower tomorrow that says, NEW LIGHT! We now worship the Trinity, and if you don't you will burn in Hell, and you better celebrate Christmas and Birthdays now too!

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