WT Dinosaur YouTube Challenge?

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  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Seeing as the WTS has plagiarized the John William's Jurassic Park theme song, how about someone (V?) put together a clip with song 92 (Preach the Word) playing in the background with all the society's beliefs about dinsosaurs? Could be entertaining.

    Just an idea.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I hope when the Borg settles with Williams that it becomes widespread public knowledge.

  • VM44

    This is the first I have heard of this!


  • SirNose586

    When they settle? There's a case out? If so, I don't think there's a leg to stand on. The Borg didn't copy the Jurassic Park theme.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    download Song No. 92 from here


    and compare with the piano version of the Jurassic Park theme tune here


    you have to admit it's strikingly similar . . .

    not sure anyone would have a claim though

    perhaps Frank Kavelin could give us his opinion . . .

  • peacedog
  • Leolaia

    What would be essential to such a Youtube video is the illustration of the Flood that appeared in an '80s brochure or tract. I've been searching for it for years, I hope someone has it. It is an updating of the same illustration of the Flood that appeared in the 1978 My Book of Bible Studies....with one exception, it shows a Tyrannosaurus Rex drowning. I swear I remember this because I was surprised when I saw it....I'm hoping someone has a copy of the image.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I can hear some of the similarities you're hearing, but I don't know if a case can be made for any infringement or plagarism. After all, there are only so many notes and chords, just as the are only so manyletters, words, and phrases. Very often I hear little bits of songs that remind me of others, but I don't think any crime was committed.

    I like the idea of the video, however and will see if I can help Leo find the document she remembers.

    ...and ANY mention of the WT and dinosaurs brings THIS to mind (from cafepress):

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Leo, I remember that picture!

  • scotinsw

    If I were the composer I'd be suing them for plagarism!

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