Holy Spirit and Governing Body voting

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Perhaps they saved Teddies voting arm and preserved it in phemaldehyde and get some flunky to wave the wet limb during voting sessions? They'd still have a round number then for votes. See, THEY think of EVERYTHING!!


  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Perhaps they saved Teddies voting arm and preserved it in phemaldehyde and get some flunky to wave the wet limb during voting sessions? They'd still have a round number then for votes. See, THEY think of EVERYTHING!!

    Speaking of arms.........I'd like to see them get that World Cup winning team picking Octopus to decide on doctrine. Now that would be interesting. Blood or no blood? Normal generation or over-lapping generation?

    The Octopus could probably come up with a religion that is less crazy and cultish.

    Think About It

  • agonus

    "but if you are a regular R&F JW who disagrees with it.........you can be DF'd as an apostate."

    Or even an ANOINTED non-GB dub, who is SUPPOSEDLY part of "the slave..."

  • Podobear

    Looks as if the modern JW organisational structure is a PLUTOCRACY to me.

    Wealth, DEFINITELY, influences corporate thinking. The lowly are taken to task by the book of man made rules whilst the wealthy and noted can skirt as "close to the wind" as possible without censor.

    If this was a THEOCRATIC organisation they would leave all but the Biblical commands to the trained Christian conscience.. and put up with one another in love.

    Sadly, the Marketing buffs still rule, those vessels of unrighteousness.. that deserve a place in our lives...... to p**s in!

    Get 'em out.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    If they were guided by holy spirit there would be unmistakable evidence of such an influence.... I think there 2/3rd that vote for are actually going against the holy spirit - thats why we have generation flip-flopping, uneven neautrailty, stupid two witness rules, etc. If they voted with the other1/3 the dubs would be better off.

    After all God does not have much to work with on the GB. God must look down and think "what a bunch of twats - when will they get it?"

    Creed Bratton of the Office had a great quote: "I have been in cults as a follower and leader. Being a follower was a lot of fun, but being a leader is even better - more money".

  • Ben57

    It has been some time since I have been here. Just thought I would drop in and see what was happening. This conversation took my eye.

    As a JW I find that my view being a JW is quite different from most JWs. Personally I do believe that the God of the universe known by JWs as Jehovah is the most high sovereign of all the universe.

    Most JWs seem to have this idea that the so called GB is "spirit directed" and that this is Gods "spirit directed" organisation. They seem to think that "spirit directed" means that Gods holy spirit in some way acts upon the GB and the organisation. That can not be so because that would mean that the GB is inspired and the organisation is inspired. NOT SO. The WT have never explained exactly what they mean by "spirit directed"

    The word spirit means breath, or wind, so Gods holy spirit is in fact his holy breath. The Bible writers were inspired "literally God breathed" when they they wrote the Bible. The WT has NEVER claimed to be “inspired” as some suggest.

    The only way that we can be "spirit directed" is by following the Bible its standards and teachings. The GB have, and are, making mistakes at this time one of them seems to be to be pride by lifting themselves up above all the others that claim to be of the "anointed" and by dominating Gods people to our harm. (No one knows who is or is not of the anointed. Individuals start taking the emblems for a reason only they can answer)

    It frustrates me to see the cover-ups by the GB over some very sensitive matters but they are accountable to God as each one of us must work out our own salvation (Philippians 2:12-13 12 Consequently, my beloved ones, in the way that YOU have always obeyed, not during my presence only, but now much more readily during my absence, keep working out YOUR own salvation with fear and trembling; 13 for God is the one that, for the sake of [his] good pleasure, is acting within YOU in order for YOU both to will and to act.) No organisation or person can save us. BUT we must belong to Gods people. The question we must ask is who is teaching the basic Bible truths of what God wants for mankind, the relationship between God and Jesus (father & son Not trinity) no hell, no immortal soul, as a group - keep separate from the world, as a group - known for their Christian morals, as a group - stay out of all politics. Just because some in high positions of responsibility do the wrong thing does not mean the whole group is wrong. Even Peter made mistakes by denying Jesus then later divided a congregation, along national lines

    Many JWs as well as non JWs are under the impression that the GB (in its different forms) have made false prophecies. UTTERLY UNTRUE . What they have offered are explanations of previously written prophecies that are at time very unclear to decipher.

    I am also a very different JW to most. I was baptised in 1974. I am not even counted as a JW in my congregation because I have not put a field service report in for about 10 years. However they still let me answer and I give number 4 talks in the school.

    What I see as the biggest problem in the congregations is that there is far to much emphasis on the various "field ministry" aspects. This aspect of our ministry IS important but it needs to be bal lanced with the rest of our ministry the looking after of the widows and orphans and the unwell in the congregations. The need for family togetherness as physical families and as a group. To many JWs find themselves left alone when they are in times of need because the "field ministry" is more important. The Bible has actually had something to say about this Matthew 24:12 . . .and because of the increasing of lawlessness the love of the greater number will cool off. " The WT applies that to the world and that might be so, but it surely seems to apply to the what is happening in the congregations, I would say, due to the leadership not doing their job properly

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