GodBlock, a new web filter that blocks religious content. Stuff like this makes me wonder about the Babylon the Great doctrine.

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  • miseryloveselders


    I mentioned before that I don't agree with the WT's interpretation of who Babylon the Great is. However, I can't deny that people are more open today about being closed towards religious interference in their lives. I've only been on this planet a little over 30 years, so I don't know how the secular vs. religion wars were decades ago. But lately documentaries like "Religulous" are popular. Authors like Richard Dawkins are popular. And now, there's a web filter to eliminate religious content on your browser. You ever wonder if maybe the WT might be onto something with the goverment turning on the World Empire of False Religion? (translation every religion without the JW/WT label) My JW upbringing is tugging at my heart againt tonight. I see something like this GodBlocker, and immediately my JW mindset kicks in, "Is it beginning?!?!?! Have I done enough in Jah's service!?!??!" I know, its silly. Or is it?

    I like their logo by the way. This is the web equivalent of "put me on your do not call list!", as I visibly pull out the territory card out of my suit jacket in front of the angry householder and make a note in the back, "don't go to 666 Pizzed Off Way"

  • SixofNine

    It's so far beyond silly that the light from silly won't reach your post for a hundred and forty four thousand years.

  • GLTirebiter

    It would make it tough to research, say the Declaration of Independence. Or to read Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Or to study the Crusades. Like it or not, religion is a big part of our history, so to block religion is to hide our past, an act as fraught with peril as any other atempt to re-write history.

  • jwfacts

    I know, its silly. Or is it?

    Yes it is silly.

    For all of recorded history there have been athiests and theists. Some people need religion whilst others do not, or cannot accept the religious theories that are espoused. As science improves our understanding of the world around, more people realise how much of religious thought has been wrong. This leads some to loose interest in God or religion, but also leads religions to change with the times rather than to disappear. This is a good thing, as people are far better off than they were 2000 years ago when a far higher number of religions promoted child sacrifice, female subjugation and slavery.

  • wantstoleave

    While most of society embraces the notion of religious freedom and freedom of speech, I think people are becoming more vocal about things to do with religion. For example here in Australia there is a massive outcry recently of women wearing the burka. The general consensus is that if they live in our country, they shouldn't wear it. I think alot of that talk stems from a robbery or something where the crims were covered in burkas. I must admit, when things are discussed like banning religion, I get edgy...out of fear. Wondering if indeed religions will be banned and we're in the last days .

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    The general movement in society con-religious, is not the same as saying that government will ban all religion as if a fulfillment of some misrepresented 'scripture'.

    Remember that the Jw statements about this had a single intention: Control. Controlling you and your thoughts with fear of leaving, fear of outside thought, fear of government, fear of Jehovah.

    Religion is an unfortunate part of society in many ways. But even the most rabid anti-religious people are generally only concerned with keeping it out of their lives personally [as with your Godblocker program]. Many of those non-religious people [like myself] would fight and die for the right of others to exercise religious freedom.

    No worries. Whatever label you wish to attach to religion [Babylon the Great works too], I am afraid it is with us for a long time to come. Long after all of it has been proven to be silly superstitious nonsense, there will still be those clinging to it. Many people cannot ignore the inner nature of our evolutionary past that makes them feel safer believing that God is watching. There will always be a few, fortunately or unfortunately.


  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Godblock will be followed by Athiestblock - Evolutionblock etc etc.

    No doubting the popularity of individuals like Dawkins - though - he got absolutely slated in the UK press this week about his mutterings regarding Athiest school. He is more of an extremist now than ever before.

    If people want to block religious stuff thats up to them - hope it makes them happier.

  • Caedes



    Personally, I wouldn't want to block religious stuff because it is good to hear opposing viewpoints. Cutting yourself off from people who disagree with you is dangerous.

  • bohm

    As an atheist, i think Godblock is both silly, stupid and counterproductive. The more open debate about religion the better.

    I dont think you should worry at all. Godblock will only be used by the most stupid atheists, and it would actually be a good argument FOR going to religious sites if you ask me ;-) .

  • donny

    Maybe the Society will offer "Christendom Block" at next years convention. I see them putting it old 5" floppys.

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