Watch an elder want to dig a big hole after asking him this.....

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  • happyexjw

    I was watching the DC talk on the generation overlap (Remain in the secret place most high) on you tube. Watched and listened to approx 3 mins on this video clip and already wanting to shout and scream.

    But I also had this thought about the experiences they read out and how real they were or just another WTS BS, for example in the bit I heard they gave an experience of a brother who is bipolar and his battle when in FDS. Now wouldnt it be cool and fun, if after that talk you went up to that Elder who gave the talk and tell him how humbled you were by his experience and how this brother has given you more strength to carry out the WTS work. Then say how you would love to communicate with this brother and uplift him by telling him how he has help you spiritually. Then you ask the Elder "please brother please give me his name and the congreation he is from, I would love to communicate with this man personally ". What do you think this elders reply would be?

  • happyexjw

    Also while watching I couldnt help but noticing all those getting up and walking around during the big talk, made me think back to when I went to DC's, that was the best part as I remember.

    I used to spend my time planning which moment I was going to tell my parents and what I was going to say to them to get up and walk around. Not listening to the talks I only ever really remember the baptism talk that I would enjoy but that was probably only because you got to see something visual, to break the monatmy

    It makes me wonder if these people that are getting up wondering around are feeling the way I did at assemblies, will these wonderers be future JW net members.

    I hope so!!!

  • serenitynow!

    Honestly, I would think any reasonable individual would say that they would not divulge that info due to it being part of someone's medical/psychiatric history and should remain private.

  • happyexjw

    Good point serenitynow! still watching the talk an begining to think this talk is some sort of disclaimer...there is a subiminal message in this.

  • OnTheWayOut
    they gave an experience of a brother who is bipolar and his battle when in FDS.

    Can I ask for clarity?

    Is the brother in the FDS- Faithful and Discreet Slave?
    Did they indicate he was on the Governing Body?
    Are you simply refering to a brother in the FielDService?

  • Gayle

    What YouTube is this specifically?

  • Soldier77

    I wonder if he meant LDS = Latter Day Saints?

  • happyexjw

    Sorry was a typing error..I meant to say Field Service.

    The youtube video is "The complete doctrine change talk" there are 4 videos that cover from start to finish the Remain in the secret place most high talk at one of the DC's

  • steve2

    hey happyexjw: whether the experience is a real one or fabricated I don't think you have a right to personal information that could reveal the identity of the brother. It is common for media to disclose personal "testimonies" - you simply have to take the writer or speaker at their word - unless you have evidence that it is a fabrication, rather than a suspicion. I tend to agree with you in that it sounds fabricated - but we'll never know...

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I totally get where you're going happy. Legalities aside, it would be fun to play with the speakers a bit.... LOL

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