The new explanation of the Generation

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  • TD

    After having read your notes djeggnog, I have a simple question.

    Do you understand the difference in word choice between these two phrases:

    ου μη παρελθη η γενεα αυτε


    και πασα η γενεα εκεινη

    Would you say that each is appropriate in its respective context? Why or why not?

  • Newborn

    @ djeggno! OMG!

    It's unbelievable how anyone can sit and listen to this and swallow/accept it?????

    What do you mean? You do not have to sit, listen, swallow or accept any of it. You do know that no one is forcing you to sit, listen, swallow or accept anything, right?

    Well, you've accepted it haven't you?? I think you know what I mean or you are in self denial like everyone else. Most JW's will accept anything that is said from the platform!

    I appreciate that you're trying to explain this to us...but nothing is really new to us...remember we've all been there...I don't want to question your intelligence but somewhere you just have to see how ridiculous it all sound and is???!! I don't even know where to begin and I'm afraid it would anyway only be waste of time...but I have to ask you this:

    but it'll come when the good news will have been [satisfactorily] preached in all the earth

    who put the word satisfactorily there and why??? no man knows "that day or the hour", why would jesus lie abt this?

    so why do you continuing trying to find out the hour then????? Are you aware of how many years have been set to be the end before 1975? Most JW aren't. I wasn't.

    Also I wonder why you're at all posting could be in deep trouble for being on here conversating with apostates???!!! And if you truly believe you have the truth you wouldn't have any need to be here in the first place.

    I would strongly recommend you to read Ray Franz book "Crisis of Concsience" which will shed some real "New Light" on things for you!!!


    PS I hope I don't affend anyone else here with this post

  • GromitSK

    I agree with Pistoff. This is not an intellectual exercise. I gave up a military career based on this hooey.

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