Is Jehovahs Witnesses the only religion that questions certain hair styles?

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  • asilentone
  • gubberningbody

    Pentecostal women don't cut their hair.

  • asilentone

    Which religions prohibit mohawk hair styles? I just do not like mohawk hair style anyway.

  • wiser

    Reply to Gubberingbody, There is one fundmental sect of the penecostals where the women do not cut their hair. But the others have a more modern interpetion of the scriptures.

  • blondie
  • gubberningbody

    This woman is a penne-costal.

  • miseryloveselders

    When I was younger, my Elder dad wouldn't let me get a flat top, or a boxcut, cameo, whatever you wish to call it. He finally gave in, but with a hitch. He chose my barber which was a dude he grew up with. Also, he would let me go to the barber on my own, but in this particular case he made sure he was with me. So the barber was cutting my hair and he did a perfect flat top. My dad's JW-what-will-the-friends-think side kicked in and he said, "naw, take some more off the top." So the barber cut some more off the top. My dad was like, "naw, its still too much. Take some more off." By the time dude got done and my dad was finally satisfied, I had a military buzz cut. So it was flat, but it was bald in the middle, and bald on the sides with no fade to it. It was terrible. I got clowned so bad that summer.

    Nowadays, I keep my hair shaved completly like a lotta "brothas" do. My mom used to hate when I first started getting all my hair cut off during my high school years. She thought I looked like all the other thugs. Sad to say, even Black people think, "shaved head + black male=thug." Every now and then I grow a soul patch which some older conservative brothers in the hall give me a strange look, but none will say anything. There's more of a stigma I've noticed with White dudes having soul patches than Black brothers. Maybe Shaggy from Scooby Doo caused the bad impression on White guys with soul patches.

    It's only hair. Friggin hair. A religion that dictates hair style should be a warning to anybody having some doubts.

  • StAnn

    The Amish. Old Order German Baptists. Orthodox Priests.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The government of Iran is publishing a selection of approved male haircuts today. They have stepped back from the beard requirement (all males no longer have to have one). Islamic haircuts and facial hair requirements are closely monitored. Infringement can result in heavy punishment. They should issue a joint statement with the GB. Sorry I don't know how to post links.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    First thing i did when i stopped was get a flat top

    then it was rock n roll elvis style

    then mohawk

    now rockabilly punk

    I dont even recognize old photos of myself anymore!

    ''It's only hair. Friggin hair. A religion that dictates hair style should be a warning to anybody having some doubts.''

    I'll drink to that!


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