their invite to check the bibliography

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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I once checked a reference in the 1970's to 'Origin of the species', I intended to show it to a non believing friend of mine. I was stunned when I read it, it was of course accurate but completely taken out of context. Needless to say I never did show it to him!


  • Cadellin

    I, for one, plan to check every reference very carefully. I think there are others here on this board who are in the process of doing that as well (?) It will be interesting to see what turns up. I know that on Circuit Overseer's video on "Using your Powers of Reason," he'd sent an email to one scientist quoted in the new brochure who denied saying what she was quoted as saying...

  • tec

    Honestly, even checking references, many people are not going to understand what they're reading. So they skim over, find something that sounds like what the WTS is saying, and assume that they know it best.

    Why else would they reference it, of course?


  • JWoods

    This is truly laughable.

    Just exactly how many witnesses are actually going to go to a public library (for the first time in their lives) and painstakingly look up those references?

    Why, that would be wasting valuable time that could be spent going door to door.

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