their invite to check the bibliography

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  • booby

    Since I spent a bit of time looking up this info I shamelessly copied from another thread for a new post here to get thoughts on how goofy their bibliography is. how many jw's would take the time, if they even take the time to read the brochure, to check out these references in the bibliography.

    HOW FAST CAN A CELL REPRODUCE? On page 11 includes reference 16 to bibliography.

    That book can be found here

    Notice the point the tract is making about quality.

    Human manufacturers often have to sacrifice

    quality to produce an item at a fast pace. How

    is it possible, then. that cells can reproduce

    so fast and so accurately if they are the product

    of undirected accidents?

    Now notice how the book they reference points out that while new brain

    cells are formed at the astounding rate of 250.000

    per minute this is many more than are needed and that the excess are

    pruned away. The info on pages 16 and 17 seems more to suggest the

    process of evolution then to support them I would say.

    So if this is typical maybe they should not emphasize the bibliography

  • snowbird

    Reverse psychology - if they suggest JW's check the bibliography, most won't.

    The WT's money is on the most who won't.


  • booby

    I think that makes sense snowbird. Because if they believed they would look them up it would be counter productive.

  • snowbird


    Their cunning deviousness is absolutely chilling.


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Especially if they keep them so busy attending meetings, going in field service, trying to earn a living with no education, etc. that they feel so overwhelmed and depressed that the LAST thing they want to do is research a bibliography.

  • snowbird

    Exactly - again.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Agree with Syl! And even if a dub were to check and see its distorted chances are they would still believe. Case in point my own sister (who I consider a smart woman.)

    When the 1st life how did it get here book came out (the big blue one) she went to the library and looked up all of the references due to the fact her husband was an athiest. If after looking up all the references for that piece of work and still in after ALL of these years than nothing can sway her.

  • God_Delusion

    She's not a smart woman then mate.

  • palmtree67

    Uber-dubs will get all self-righteous:

    "I trust the FDS soooo much, I will not show a lack of faith by checking their references."

  • zoiks

    Why take time to do research when the WTS has done it all for you? Probably most JWs view that bibliography as being there for the benefit of 'worldly people'.

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