gutted - its July, are you growing your goatee yet?

by Soldier77 20 Replies latest jw experiences

  • coffee shop guy
    coffee shop guy

    I'm a month away from one year of a full beard. One tattoo. No piercings.

  • tec

    CHG - You could dye your hair pink for the cancer fundraiser that comes around in Sept/Oct? I think. Hair Massacure. You wouldn't look like you were having a mid-life crisis... but then you'd have to shave your head when it was over.

    Just a thought.


  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Tammy, LOL!!!!

    Coffee House Guy- What do you think?? Will you love me when I get my giant nose piercing, die my long lovely red locks pink and then shave them all off and become baldy?

    I will let you pour oil over my bald head and I will rub it all over your naked body it will be my anniversary present to you


  • Soldier77

    I like where this thread is going...

    CHG - Pierce that nose girl!

    CSG - a tattoo is definitely on the radar for me, I've always wanted one and after seeing this one sister get 3 in one year and was still able to give talks on stage with no counsel, I say awesome, lets get one! lol

  • Heartbreaker

    I recently got my nose pierced, and I absolutely LOVE it....and I guarantee that I'm older than CHG. I get either a lot of compliments on it, or no comments at all. No weird looks, or looks like it doesn't suit me.

    Go for it!

  • Stealth

    In my case the goatee was a great tool to help with the fade. The elders don't like it, but not a lot they can really do about it when it comes right down to it. I grew mine while I was still attending meetings, many of the pubs made coments on how good it looked and they did not understand why they did not allow it.

    The first thing they did was scheduled all my talks in the #2 school down in the basement. Then I tried to make arrangements for field service with a couple of elders, they said okay, but on service day they did not show and had made arrangement for someone else to work with me who was not an elder. So the elders did not want to expalain to other pubs why they were working with a brother in service with a goatee.

    It makes them all very uncomforatable and in general you are labeled as someone with a B.A. (Bad Attitude).

    Then once you stop coming all together, they are actually relieved that you are not there causing others to question the stupid rules that they can't justify.

    I recommend the goatee to all faders. But push the envelope, go out in service with it, give talks from the platform. It's fun to watch them squirm!

    Then once you stop, they will most likely leave you alone, they don't really want you back causing pubs to think and question.

  • frigginconfused

    always had a beird. show me where the bible says we have to have a specific haircut and shave. i got a ponytail too.

  • designs

    I've grown the Moses on the Mountain beard, some call it channeling my inner Jerry Garcia

  • coffee shop guy
    coffee shop guy

    CHG - The nose glitter would look good on you as yes, I will love you.

    The bald head and oil on my naked body would look great in a dream or if we ran off to a remote desert island for an extended period of time. How bout a compromise and we both get all oiled up and play slip and slide until we run out of oil, and then go buy some more.

    The anniversary is coming up soon so let me know what you want. I'll shave your knoggin if you want and guess what!! I'll still love you, support you, protect you and feel blessed to have you as my friend.


  • tec


    After that lovely and tear-inspiring declaration, I think it'll be a while before we hear from CHG and CSG. I'm sure they have important matters to... ah... discuss :)


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