Do you know of any JWs that cancelled their wedding at the very last minute?

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  • asilentone

    because they did not give each other more opportunities to get to know one another better?

  • asilentone

    bttt any more examples?

  • blondie

    gubberning has a point. Of all my jw contemporaries from the 70's that married, less than 25% are still married to the same person. A rush to get married because the "rumor" was there would be no marriages in the new system so they wanted to get married and have children before 1975, the choice pool was small for sisters, and they didn't know each other couple dated only six weeks and married. People in general don't have a good track record regarding strong marriages.


    A sister in my group who come into the truth in here early 20's got engaged to a fanatic JW from another country. He was a total drain on her as he couldn't support himself (shelf stacker). She drove him everywhere and was going to have to support him when he moved into her flat. A few weeks before the wedding she tried to kill herself.

    She had a history of self harm we didn't know about but the pressure brought it to a head. She was hospitalised for months during which her fiancee wasn't allowed to see her. I thought she was going to break free from the truth. Her fiancee gave a prayer soon after saying how many wonderful things there were for her to look forward to like living forever. Didn't occur to him she didn't even want to live for the rest of the day.

    She recovered enough to come back to meetings - drugged to the hilt - and wasn't long after before she married him (some pressing visa issues). I went to the wedding out of support. I'd politely declined the invitation for the first wedding, cheerfully handing across a gift, that was the day before she attempted suicide so felt duty bound to attend the second time around.


  • designs

    Yes, I canceled my engagement to a sister in LA one month before the wedding. Had to go before the Elders and explain the reasons. Talk about being persona non grata for a long time. But a year later I met my future wife, life works out the bumps.

  • hamsterbait

    I remember a wedding was cancelled, after he was arrested for picking up another man in a public rest room. ( he propositioned a cop )


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