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  • Cynisister

    To All,

    As I will not be in attendance for this year's district convention, I would love to know exactly what the talk on the new meaning of "generation" actually states. I visited my recently widowed mother (who found the "truth" when I was a toddler, and therefore I was raised in the religion - quit it totally 3 years ago) and had a lively discussion on the implications of this "new light". She seemed really disturbed about all the "new anointed" ones coming out of nowhere. She is very knowledgeable amd reasonable, and appeared to agree with my conclusions. But she attended the convention yesterday (Sunday) and happily told me, when I phoned to check on her, that this talk explains everything, and it's nothing like what we talked about and concluded. But she said I have to attend and hear it for myself - which I will not do!

    So, if anyone can post the info from this talk I would very much appreciate it!

    (I will not get into this again with her, as she is quite elderly and it wouldn't be of any benefit at this stage in her life. She is already ostracized by my younger sister and husband because she willingly associates with one of their df'd sons (her favorite grandson).)

    Thanks and my best regards to all,


  • Mad Sweeney
  • Cynisister

    Thanks so much, Mad Sweeney!!


  • Mythbuster

    I went yesterday just to see how this would be presented. I don't understand the drastic jump from Jesus and his disciples to Franz and 1914. What two groups was Jesus referring to?

    BTW, it was mentioned there are 10,587 annointed.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I have recorded the talk, will upload when I get a chance.

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    I recorded and transcribed the portion of the talk dealing with "the generation," and posted about it here: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/beliefs/195062/1/2010-District-Convention-Some-Thoughts-on-the-Sunday-Afternoon-Session

    See below for a transcription of the relevant portion of the talk

    That brings us to the question here, or the topic, that at no time would we want to leave the "secret place." This is not the time to leave the "secret place," for that matter there wouldn't be any time to leave the "secret place." But especially now is no time to leave the "secret place." Why? Well, particularly in view of the recent clarification we had with regard to Matthew 24 and verse 34. Now turn over there, Matthew 24 and verse 34.

    We just had a Watchtower lesson last week with some fine material about this verse. Matthew 24:34: "Truly I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away until all things occur." Of course, the accurate or proper understanding of that really underscores the fact that we're living deep in the time of the end and there's a need at this time as never before for us to have an increased sense of urgency. Of course, that generation consists of contemporaries of individuals who lived at the same time.

    Now the Watchtower of--the 2008 Watchtower--the 12/15 issue, page 25 made this comment about the word "generation": it says the word generation usually refers to people of various ages whose lives overlap during a particular time period or event. Now we've got an example of that: Exodus 1, and verse 6. "Eventually Joseph died, and also all his brothers, and all that generation."

    Just think about what's written there--it refers to Joseph and all his brothers as "that generation." Now 10 of Josephs brothers witnessed events before Joseph's birth and at least 2 of those brothers lived after his death. So they were of a variety of ages but they were contemporaries and viewed as one "generation."

    Now, correspondingly, the word "generation" there at Matthew 24:34 is comprised--or comprises--two groups of anointed Christians. The first group was on hand in the year 1914 when the sign of Christ's presence first became observable. The second group of anointed Christians are those who were anointed later and for a time were contemporaries of the older group. Now in view of that, Jesus' words there in Matthew 24:34 indicate that some of the second group will witness the beginning of the Great Tribulation, so the length of the generation, while not specified as far as the number of years, but it's a limited period of time.

    Now we might illustrate it this way, F.W. Franz was born in the year 1893, he was baptized in the year 1913, so brother Franz was alive to discern the sign in 1914. Now Brother Franz, excuse me, Brother Franz lived until the year 1992, and many present-day anointed ones were his contemporaries and part of the generation that Jesus said would not pass away until all these things occur.

    Now in view of that, Brother Franz, and for that matter, other faithful anointed ones lived in very challenging time period. A very challenging time period where strong faith was needed in order for them to remain in the secret place of the most high.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Yes, the all-loving God who "desires all to attain to repentance" keeps the place of salvation a "secret place."

    How can so many Dubs not see the outright blasphemy in this? (rhetorical question: it's the mind control programming)

  • Cynisister

    Thanks to all for your replies and attempted "clarifications". I say that sarcastically to show up the ridiculous and far-fetched efforts of the WTS to satisfy the questions I'm sure many have but won't ask aloud. I agree they are buying more time in view of all the previous failed prophecies. As I told my mother to remember, truth never changes!!

  • VM44

    Mickey mouse wrote:

    "I have recorded the talk, will upload when I get a chance."

    That will be great!

    This talk contains a major doctrine change, and so it will be good to have an audio of it.

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