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  • exwhyzee

    The unique animals of Austrailia ( Kangaroo, Walaby,Koala Bear, Platapus etc) found their way to that isolated body of land once Noah let them off the Ark? If they migrated there from Mt. Ararat, it seems there would be fossils of them found between there and Austrailia. If they were originally from there (Austrailia) I wonder how Noah was able to round up these animals to get them where the Ark was located ?

  • wantstoleave

    I've put this exact question to witnesses before and their answer has always been 'they were always here'. And that maybe not all animals got on the ark. How does that work???

  • wantstoleave
    wantstoleave's koala, not koala bear

  • dgp

    Noah and his ark offer food for thought.

    An all-powerful God would have been able to just kill all the bad humans. No need to flood the earth and drown every other human being. The idea that he would drown his own creatures, and then let the waters stand there just to make sure they were dead, is not one I would reconcile with the idea of a loving God. It also kinda makes you think that he drowned all those bad guys, only to give them a second chance at Armageddon. You know, they didn't happen to read a Watchtower.

    And then I wonder where ALL THAT WATER would flow into. You know, even the highest mountain (Mount Everest) is alleged to have been under the waters. Just calculate the volume that would represent. If we argue that an all-powerful God can create those waters and then make them disappear, why wouldn't he just kill every sinner, as he did with the first born sons of Egypt?

    How would the seas continue to comprise saltwater, since rain is fresh water?

    What would predators eat?

    How could Noah collect all those animals from, say, Australia? Did he travel faster and with better means than Santa?

    Why would God have Noah bring into the ark impure animals such as pigs? Wouldn't it have made more sense to just let them drown?

    And, when the sinners saw the waters going up, WHY THE HELL DIDN'T ANYONE USE ANY OF THE BOATS THEN IN EXISTENCE TO ESCAPE DEATH? Were they not only sinners, but also stupid? If you argue that maybe there were no boats, I wonder how come Noah knew how to build one.

  • AGuest

    I would ask that same question of evolution (as it is taught today), dear XYZ (may you have peace!)... although I am sure that the answer would have something to do with the land masses all being joined at some point. I would also ask, if we were speaking of evolution, how it is that man appears the same today as he has in all of recorded history. Curious, both "theories".

    BTW - The word of my Lord to you is that such animals were taken to "Australia" by humans long before Australia was called "Australia." And it was the same with other such places (i.e., the Galapagos, etc.).

    From the day of Adham, earthling man has had all manner of animal beings as their livestock, food... and pets/companions. And when they traveled, and particularly when they crossed large bodies of water, they took such with them. From tiny insects, small reptiles, birds, and domestic animals... to large land beasts, both wild and domestic (the latter to be used for grinding grain and cultivating land). This is because earthling man knew, when he set out, that either (1) there might be no animals (and thus, no food or other sustenance)... (2) that the animals encountered would be foreign (and thus, their utility as food was uncertain)... and/or (3) inedible (based on their beliefs and/or the animal's composition).

    It really isn't rocket science, dear one. It's just that when those who are not in union with Christ try to explain such things, the explanations seem pretty illogical, if not false altogether. Because very often they are... both.

    Again, I bid you peace!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    although I am sure that the answer would have something to do with the land masses all being joined at some point.

    The land masses were joined millions of years ago. And how long ago was Noah supposed to have lived?

  • LouBelle

    Jehoba in his wisdomness gathered the animals for Noah. Sent out the word via the interweb.

  • Luis

    I think it have to do with the Nephilims. Most of the people of that time were contaminated with the rebels angels, until today we have in some of us DNA of the angels. Thats why we need 1000 years to clean up. So I beleave, the angels to mess up some of the animals, plus God if he was to let man, fill the earth he need it to destroy the dinosours to allow humans to survive. That the reason behing of the flood I think....

  • bohm

    Luis, why do you think we have DNA of angels in us? secondly, the larger dinosaurs was dead millions of years before man arrived.

    and welcome to the forum!

  • designs

    Well that explains the wing stubs on my back, here I thought they were shoulder blades.

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