Loving your beutiful children

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  • jambon1

    I had little or no problems with my beliefs as an 18 year old convert to the Jehovah's Witness religion. Fair enough, there were a few things that I found a bit wacky & odd, but I was on the road to life. I couldn't give a rats arse about many things. I had found the truth & I was working my way up the JW ladder of approval & appearance.

    I was a silly little boy really. Little experience of life. And cockey and arrogant. How I cringe when I look back at my younger years. Always ready to give an opinion on things that I knew nothing about.

    After a number of years of adult life, my JW beliefs had come to be rather fractious to me. Many things just didn't sit right. I suppose life was teaching me lessons & I became conflicted as I tried to reconcile what I was seeing in the real world with my what I was being taught at the Kingdom Hall.

    Then - BOOM! I had my firstborn baby girl. What a prize! I always remember looking at her after she had been bathed the next day. I looked into her eyes & saw such beuty. Such vulnerability. I was in love. My life now revolved around this wonderful little girl.

    The truth is that I realised there & then that I would do anything for my girl. No man, religion or book was going to be able to overpower or supress my natural inclination to love, protect & admire this offspring of mine. I knew that the love that was supposed to be due to god came nowhere near what I felt for my daughter. I was living on borrowed time, in terms of my lifespan as a Jehovahs Witness.

    Around about 2002, an elder asked my if I could read from the platform a KM article. I agreed, not recalling what article it actually was. Upon looking at it, I realised that I had agreed to read the 'shunning of disfellowshiped relatives' article. I had already mentally scanned it & it made me feel uncomfortable to say the least.

    The words in that article are callous, brutal & devoid of any hint of natural affection. I remember reading it on the platform & sitting down to digest what I had read as the meeting proceeded around me. I looked up to my baby girl & knew that under no circumstances could I ever shun her in her teenage or adult life for sins of the flesh or other silly 'crimes' that are deemed so by the WTS.

    How can any loving parent shun their own flesh & blood?

    My life as a JW was over there and then. For a further 4 years after reading that shit I simply went through the motions of being a JW. My emotions were torn between what I naturally felt as a parent & what I was being taught at the Kingdom Hall. Conflict, conflict, conflict. All the way. It was a terrible time.

    I look at my children thesedays (I had a son in 2004) & sometimes I just simply watch them & listen to them. I don't have to say anything. They just talk. I love them so much that when I hear them talk & listen to their beutiful expressions I can many times feel tears well up in my eyes - just because I love them so much that it overwhelms me.

    JW parents who carry out the WTS instruction to shun their children are beyond my understanding. How can they do this? Are they sub-human? It turns my stomach to think about how it must feel for a child (of any age) to be rejected by their parents. What good can possibly come from such action?

    Jehovahs Witnesses can be lovely, nice, smiling people. I meet them all the time. Yet, their actions disgust me. They anger me. And they cause damage that is in many cases beyond repair.

    Shame on anyone who supports or in any way endorse this disgusting doctrine.

    Love your beutiful children.

  • Mr Moody
    Mr Moody

    As a father to two beautiful Children my self I fully agree with your sentiments. Today I attended our District Convention in Manchester , England and I felt totally detached from what I was seeing ,I felt like some one looking into a goldfish bowl watching fish swiming round and round going nowhere...I will not be there next year.

  • llbh

    I have said to my JW daughter on a few occasions, what parent would hurt any of thier children, even if the child disagreed with them: the god that they worship is going to kill all on the planet who disagrees with him!! I said to her that is not the sort of god I would worship, even if they were right -JW's that is.


  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Jambon, you said that perfectly. I certainly didn't want to be a bitter old lady who had no contact with their children due to the minor infraction of a teenager. We have all seen these folks at the kingdom hall, older with no family because of ridiculous rules, life is just passing them by. So sad. You sound like such a great dad for realizing this ahead of time for you family. Thanks for sharing, NMKA

  • truthseekeriam


    So beautifully put.

    I so agree, I could never ever not be there 100% for my children and I can't be part of an Org that make you choose between them and the people you love. The Org would always lose, as they did in my family.

  • chickpea

    any power in heaven or on earth
    that would demand the severing
    of the most elemental of bonds,
    that of a parent and child, cannot,
    will not, have my allegiance

    if that is a sin, then may i be in
    trespass with every breath i draw

  • NiceDream

    Wonderfully put! I recently had a child, and looking into his eyes I knew that I could never abandon him. He is my world, and I would never, ever shun him. Nor would I refuse to give him a blood transfusion and watch him die.

    Mr Moody, I was at my convention in Canada this weekend and felt the same as you. It was like watching little robots, some perfectly programmed as examples, and the rest trying to look interested. I will not be going again either.

  • jambon1

    Nice words chickpea.

    It is true that the organisation puts people in the most awful positions.

    In my case also, my kids come 1st every single time. It's just the way it has to be.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Jambon, that was really special, thankyou!


  • sooner7nc

    Bravo! Very well put and completely true.

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