Are they now searching book bags as the J.W.s enter the district convention arenas?

by koolaid-man 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • exwhyzee

    Maybe they are looking for counterfiet meal tickets LOL

    No seriously...I don't blame them for stepping up their security. I always felt like a sitting duck at the conventions. Everyone is so trusting....anyone could walk in there and as long as they had a tie and jacket on they'd have free run of the place. I don't agree with the beliefs anymore but I'd hate for anything to happen to any one of them. I was always concerned about the sisters or young ones going from door to door unprotected. Who knows what kind of "Nut Job" could be at the next door? I'm not sure what the Attendants would do if they did find anything serious in someones bag. One thing for sure is that this will heighten the conviction that these are the "last days".

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