Get ready for new world currency! U.N. report!

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  • mind blown
    mind blown

    I'm not sure that's going to happen anytime soon. That would take away any power and freedom, each country holds. From my understanding though. One day, they will try to combine Canada, US and Mexico currency.

    I've read in the NYT they truly would fancy digital currency......better tracking of EVERYONES money. No more working under that table or hiding funds. The problem....there's no way they will be able to stop digital/cyber currency theft. Too many viruses, theft, fraud...etc....

    Durning the Bush administration....they pushed through a new act... called the Real ID act......Drivers Licenses with ALL our personal information coded in the digital strip....however, it's still being debated.....and for good reason...their excuse....better homland securtiy.....but in truth....more control of the US masses.....

  • aniron

    Aniron - everyone got the 2012 mixed up, it's not the end of the world. It's supposedly the 'end of an age'. So some will take it to mean the reign of Christ, or the wild beast, etc starts around then. Or the golden age.

    You do have some who believe around then, an orbit of brown dwarf which passes by every few thousand years on earth, (burning everything upon it) will happen too.

    Or the 'aliens' who brought life here will return to enslave man or something like that.

    With how rapidly things are changing, I wouldn't be surprised if 'something' major happens that year. In the sense of atleast governments and such.

    endof mysteries

    I couldn't care less .

    I do not believe anything will happen at all.

    There are that number of "theories" about 2012 etc.

    They have been going the rounds for years even from when I was younger.

    Now theres only a couple of years to go it now becomes big business people crawling out the woodwork making money out of it.

    The fuss they all made about 2000 , end of civilisation, planes falling out the sky, money will be useless, we will all have chips implanted in us etc etc

    What happened ------ damn all.

    and the same will happen in 2012

    And you laugh at JWs and their prophecies

  • JeffT

    As I understand it - Oil and similar commodities are traded in dollars because it is convenient. If you are OPEC you don't want your member nations fighting with each other over exchange rates and the price of oil (Saudi Riyals, Venezuelan Bolivars etc) they just post the price in dollars and leave everybody else to figure out how much of their own money it takes to buy a barrel of oil.

    As a consequence lots of banks around the world keep stocks of dollars (I suspect now they just designate some accounts as dollar accounts and keep track of the contents in dollars) so when Lower Slobovian Oil needs to buy some Saudi light crude they just tell the bank to send some dollars to Qatar.

    If this gets to be inconvenient for the buyers and sellers they will switch to some more stable currency, assuming they can find one in the current market. This may make things more expensive for Americans to buy, but they are a host of other factors involved as well, notably US debt.

    I don't see how the UN can issue a currency that will be more stable, they have nothing to back it with. The UN can't even maintain a stable income stream from the member nations.

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