Get ready for new world currency! U.N. report!

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  • agonus

    Well, maybe the implants will function as a sort of biological credit card. Hell if I know.

  • sacolton

    Somark Innovations announced this week that it successfully tested biocompatible RFID ink, which can be read through animal hairs. The passive RFID technology could be used to identify and track cows to reduce financial losses from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow disease) scares. Somark, which formed in 2005, is located at the Center for Emerging Technologies in St. Louis. The company is raising Series A equity financing and plans to license the technology to secondary markets, which could include laboratory animals, dogs, cats, prime cuts of meat, and military personnel.

    Chief scientist Ramos Mays said the tests provide a true proof-of-principle and mitigate most of the technological risks in terms of the product's performance. "This proves the ability to create a synthetic biometric or fake fingerprint with biocompatible, chipless RFID ink and read it through hair," he said.

    Co-founder Mark Pydynowski said during an interview Wednesday that the ink doesn't contain any metals and can be either invisible or colored. He declined to say what is in the ink, but said he's certain that it is 100% biocompatible and chemically inert. He also said it is safe for people and animals.

    The process developed by Somark involves a geometric array of micro-needles and a reusable applicator with a one-time-use ink capsule. Pydynowski said it takes five to 10 seconds to "stamp or tattoo" an animal, and there is no need to remove the fur. The ink remains in the dermal layer, and a reader can detect it from 4 feet away.

    "Conceptually, you can think of it in the same way that visible light is reflected by mirrors," he said, adding that the actual process is slightly different and proprietary.

    The amount of information contained in the ink depends on the surface area available, he said. The U.S. Department of Agriculture calls for a 15-digit number to track cattle. The first three digits are "840" for the U.S. country code. The remaining digits are unique identifiers. The numbers would link to a database containing more information.

  • agonus

    Well, in Hinduism, cattle are sacred, so maybe our becoming commodities like them is a step forward in our spiritual evolution.

  • beksbks

    Ok ok hold on a minute guys. Reserve currency is not what you and I will have in our pocket, it's what oil etc. are traded for on the world market. For the last umpteen years, it's been US currency. There was a short period of time where they discussed moving to the Euro. But as this meltdown has shown, and as the article states, the effect of our unstable dollar, has affected other countries and there reserves. They are now discussing going to some kind of atm idea, as I understand it.

    The only thing this means to us, I believe, is that we take another hit in our national economy. Losing probably our best perk since WWII.

    Please someone smarter than me give a better explanation.

  • JeffT

    I have a fairly good explanation on this, but I don't have time to post it (its dinner/game/movie night which is a long story on its own). I'll post later tonight.

  • EndofMysteries

    A global currency or equal groups worldwide is ultimately the future in regards to fairness.

    The question, is this being done for a good reason, or a sinister one?

    I just made a post, on what I see happening.

    I know got atleast a year, if not more to figure stuff out. I'd use that time wisely, incase things and big changes are much closer then we want to think they are.

  • EndofMysteries

    btw Sacolton, the mark prophesy is already happened and in force. Look at worldwide 'coins', Iran, Even Nazi Germany, USA, Russia, etc. See if you find a pattern or certain mark which is common among nations which you would think have nothing in common.

    Then see if you find this mark on your own money, credit card, passport, etc.

  • EndofMysteries

    You can even take it further, and look up the so called coincidence of barcodes as well

  • aniron

    Most of the people of this world couldn't care a damn about currency.

    They have enough trouble trying to put food on the table and feeding their families as it is.

    Some "world currency" will probably not make much difference to their lives.

    The only ones worried are the peoples of the rich nations about their wealth.

    Besides according to others the world ends on December 21st,2012

    So they have just over two years to bring this "world currency" in.

    Well at least London will get the Olympics over with by then.

  • EndofMysteries

    Aniron - everyone got the 2012 mixed up, it's not the end of the world. It's supposedly the 'end of an age'. So some will take it to mean the reign of Christ, or the wild beast, etc starts around then. Or the golden age.

    You do have some who believe around then, an orbit of brown dwarf which passes by every few thousand years on earth, (burning everything upon it) will happen too.

    Or the 'aliens' who brought life here will return to enslave man or something like that.

    With how rapidly things are changing, I wouldn't be surprised if 'something' major happens that year. In the sense of atleast governments and such.

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