This may sound kinda stupid to some...

by babygirl30 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • wasblind

    The next elder that comes to my house, i'm gonna let them in just so i can beat

    the shit out of 'em, as long they are in your house in these parts you can do what you

    need to protect youself. Especially if they come uninvited.

  • Lynnie

    No it doesn't sound stupid at all! I have been DF'd for 35 years and still feel the pain of being denied a normal family life. Especially when my cousin who was also a witness and decided to marry an unbeliever with absolutely no consequences whatsoever. She was baptized as well and was able to leave without being DF'd and of course I thought if she could do it (just leave the JW's) I could do it. WRONG! I've been treated as harshly as they possibly could and here my cousin is able to associate with all the witness family members just like a normal person. I've always thought the reason she didn't get DF'd is because her father was a rich non-witness but her mother was and I think the elders didn't want to loose out on any donations from the family.

    I definitely feel your pain!

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