Congregation Elders got a letter from headquarters on "Sexting". I guess this is the latest trend causing problems.

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  • Robert7
    Of course, some people make foolish decisions, witness kids maybe more so, and so instead of telling their kids to beware of perverts, it becomes a huge moral issue if people do what comes natural: look at naked pictures.

    Exactly. They handle this all wrong. The -should- be telling people that sexual interests are normal, and people want to see pornography, will want to flirt, etc. They should be saying it's NORMAL to have these desires and feelings, but to be careful with how far they take things, that there are consequences to actions, and there are creepy people out there. Instead everything is demonized as simply BAD. Gosh they are screwed up.

  • cantleave

    I joined facebook because I wanted to see WTF facebooksex was -- never found any so ended playing farmville!

    If start trying to sext I'll probably end up cultivating a virtual farm there too.

    For some reason cyber sex doesn't exist in my world, not even nugget wants to cybersex me (thank god - the non-virtual kind is soooo much better)

  • eyeslice


    I think you have it right. A lot of JCs deal with young people who are exactly that young, inexperienced and doing what comes naturally.

  • NeonMadman

    In some areas, teens involved in "sexting" are being prosecuted as purveyors of child pronography (in some cases, teens have been prosecuted for sending pictures of themselves nude - see "Legal Cases" on the Wikipedia article about Sexting). That's probably why elders are required to contact the Legal Dept. if teens are found to be involved with this activity. With so much uproar among the "worldly" media, it was inevitable that the Society would feel the need to take a strong stand on the issue.

    Was this letter read to the congregation, or was it a confidential Body of Elders letter?

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    I think the main thing I would be concerned about as a parent of a teen is this: once you send that nude picture of yourself, by text, email, facebook, or whatever, it is out of your control. If your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you and decides to show every single person you both know, put up a poster in the washroom at school, tag it on facebook, you are screwed. Easy to put out there, not so easy to take back.

    Why does everyone want to be a pornstar these days, anyway? Is porn now so mainstream that everyone under the age of 25 is now comfortable showing their nudybits on the internet? That being said, how is it any different then a nude beach in Europe where everyone is that comfortable and has been for decades, including the old geezers?

    It's really a fascinating social phenomenon, but the underlying human behaviour has not changed. People are sexual beings, the sex drive is very primal and very strong and the younger you are the more obsessed with mating you are (usually), that is never going to change and whatever technology is available is just one more outlet for that expression, the technology is in no way a driving force. That's why railing against the internet and other technology is a big wast of WTBTS time. Before electronics and moving pictures, there was a huge secret market in dirty drawings of sex. People don't change.

  • miseryloveselders

    Was this letter read to the congregation, or was it a confidential Body of Elders letter?

    Read to the Body of Elders only.

  • Gregor

    If anybody would like a pic of my 64 yr old ass please PM. I would be flattered and you would be shattered. Please don't tell the brothers!

  • miseryloveselders

    LOL Gregor! Are you taking requests? Can I get specific with what I want to see?

  • CandleSurgeon

    LMAO! This who subject is hilarious. It seems so wierd and forein to me now that anyone would care if I was sexting or that I ever allowed a group of men called "elders" to invade my privacy like that.

    I'm really glad that life seems so far removed from me now and I feel for the poor teenagers and children still trapped inside.

  • steve2

    Well, if I ever were a young JW again, I'd try to have at least some fun this time around.

    When I was a young JW, it never occurred to me that I could have got up to all sorts of delicious fun. I'm not mad at the Watchtower for introducing warnings on sexting. I'm glad because back in the 1960s we young ones didn't dare do that sort of thing - or its equivalent...and nor should the current batch of young JWs.

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