Details of next service years Circuit assembly & Special Day

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  • dozy

    2010/11 Circuit Assembly

    Theme: “You are No Part of the World

    Saturday talk – “Full Time Service Protects Us – How?”

    Symposium “Do not be contaminated by…”The Wild Beast”…”The Great Harlot”…”The Traveling Merchants

    2010/11 Special Day

    Theme:”Take Refuge In Jehovah

    Circuit Overseers talk (for CO visits) for next service year - "Turn your eyes away from Worthless Things."

    Both assemblies seem to be very field service focused.

  • Hopscotch

    Thanks dozy

    It sounds like the same old 'make sure the plebs are kept very busy and are living in constant fear of the bogeyman'.


  • Desilusionnee

    Thanks Dozy,

    nothing new as I see.

  • chickpea

    just when you think you can do no more,
    we are there to make sure there is more to do
    - famous GB quotes

    best grease up the hamster wheel

  • FreeAtLast1914

    I've been out long enough that sometimes I forget how similar these programs are. Year after year after year. So freaking glad to be out. Just wish my family would do the same.

  • carla

    "Turn your eyes away from Worthless Things."-- I bet that's about the internet

  • jookbeard

    rather ironic the symposium title involving the words Harlot and Wild Beast wonder if it will mention UN membership?

  • WingCommander

    OMG....can you believe the audacity of this symposium?

    Symposium “Do not be contaminated by…”The Wild Beast”…”The Great Harlot”…”The Traveling Merchants

    Say Whaaaat??? Contaminated, you mean like being a DPI/NGO of the United Nations, that kind of contamination???? The utter gual and hypocrisy of such a talk would lead me to barf on the spot.

    Curi Alcino says, "Don't join the YMCA to swim at the pool, but we'll hop in bed with the United Nations for a few perks we want, and we'll just say we're using the library." Hahahaha!!! What a freakin riot!!

    Also, traveling merchants. What, you think a CO or DO isn't a traveling merchant? They get to travel all around their area and be treated like royalty, all the while selling crap and living off of the kindness of the pee-ons beneath them. Sounds like a pharasicital traveling merchant to me?????

    I swear, I don't know how a thinking, rational, educated person could stomach such utter bullshit.

    - Wing Commander

  • Altar ego
  • ssn587

    "Turn your eyes away from useless things" like the Wt and Awake I can't think of any two rags more useless than those. Would't that be great if that is what they realy meant.

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