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  • wantstoleave

    Be sure to check out the meat It's always so funny watching the young ones eye each other up! Other than that, I haven't enjoyed a convention since I was a kid. Sad to say, but like most other young ones, I purely looked forward to it for the prospect of a 'marriage mate'. Now those days are long over and this year will be the first one I've missed in a few years. Looking forward to it!

  • snowbird

    well I'm here and bored.

  • snowbird

    You so baaaaad!

    Posting to an apostate site from the convention site!

    I'm scared of you!



  • garyneal

    If anyone finds his or her way to the convention in Hampton, VA, you will see me there with my wife and daughter.

    Knowing my daughter, she will most likely want to move around. Therefore, I will most likely be out and about with her.

    Perhaps we should have a code word if any of us should happen to be at the same convention.

  • VistaView

    Be sure to check out the meat

    I purely looked forward to it for the prospect of a 'marriage mate'

    Are you kidding me wantstoleave!!!...those conventions are slim pickins...the brothers are so green

  • elderelite


    that is a great Idea! We need though, not a word, but a gesture of some kind that will tip off those in the know. I am going to PA in a few weeks and, as some have said, not looking forward to it. The only saving grace for me is that as an elder I have a "privilege" and thus will get to legitimately not pay attention for the most part. I laugh at those who don't play the game to maximum advantage

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    How about the "Be seeing you" gesture from The Prisoner? It was also used by Al Bester a few times in Babylon 5.


    the building we are using has lousy sound up in the nosebleeds so you need to use the fm signal they put out. My zune has aradio on it so today I listened to harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Wow, attending the DC whilst posting to the forum and listening to a Satanic novel?

    That's two thumbs up!

    If any of you DC attendees happen to see a guy carrying a college textbook with his Botchtower litteratrash, he might be me.

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