Christopher Hitchens to Undergo Cancer Treatment

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    James White linked to the Huffington Post article on this matter. He and Hitchens have a debate scheduled in August. This is sad news indeed.

  • BizzyBee

    Yes. Esophageal cancer doesn't seem to have a really good recovery rate.

  • dgp

    I suppose many a person will say Hitchens had it coming.

  • designs

    Some of the people from the Calvary Chapel group actively pray for people like him and JWs to get sick.

    Lovely people...................

  • dgp

    I guess these people haven't thought what kind of a forgiving God that would be if he were to grant them their wish.

    Also, it kind of makes you think what kind of God that would be who would ignore other prayers for Hitchen's health. In that case, He would listen to prayers that ask for a terrible disease to afflict a person, and would disregard prayers asking for health to be given to that very same person. He, who sent his Son to suffer for us so we could be redeemed.

    I wonder if these people have really thought about it. I guess not.

  • Snoozy

    He said he tried to quit smoking in 2008...shoulda woulda coulda..famous last words...sadly.


    DGP, who is the "we"?

    As far as people in Calvary Chapel praying for atheists and cultists to get sick, I would need something more than anecdotal stories from an anonymous poster on a forum that is notably hostile to Christians.

    It is my prayer that God would use this episode in Mr. Hitchens' life to reveal Himself in a manner that would be undeniable.

  • PEC

    LOL @ XJW


  • dgp

    The "we" in "we could be redeemed" is "mankind". Now, I need to clarify that I don't believe the man died for us. That's the claim religious people make. That he died for "us" all, to redeem us, except, of course, that he won't redeem but destroy anyone who dares to disagree with him or doubt his existence.

    I believed what the other poster said. If they aren't praying for Hitchen's death, well, so be it. If they are, then f*** them.

    By the way, no one is more hostile to Christians than other Christians. And I certainly wished God revealed himself in a way that made his existence undeniable. That he hasn't done so is exactly one of Hitchens' claims. And mine, too.

    Are you praying for Hitchen's health, or just for God to reveal his presence?

  • cofty

    Hitchins is an intelligent, well informed and clear thinking commentator. Many of his observations are devastating to the smug, self-assured religious apologists who dare to debate with him.

    I hope he is able to beat his illness.

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