Karma's a bitch

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  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I recently found out something interesting about an elder from my former congregation. This guy was a former Bethelite, and very much a company man. A friend of mine switched congs because he believed(and rightly so) that this elder had it in for him. Two other elders, one of whom was the PO, stepped down because of his iron-fisted way of dealing with those in the cong. They went to the CO and asked that he be removed, but of course the CO said no, though he did suggest that this elder ease up.

    Well this hard-assed elder was recently disfellowshipped for adultery. He had engaged in a two year affair with a pioneer sister, one of his wife's best friends, to boot. That's two years of dealing harshly with others, serving on more than one JC that resulted in dfing, while he was cheating on his wife. He was exposed only because the woman he was having an affair with felt guilty and came forward.

    I don't support the whole dfing and shunning process, but there seems a little poetic justice in this guy getting what he deserved.

  • leavingwt

    Surely, this is God's Organization!

  • littlebird

    It seems as though, that those who "protest too much", point fingers at others, are usually trying to distract attention from themselves and their own wrong doing from others. What jerk, huh?

  • Quandry

    and very much a company man

    That's the way the company is run...not on love for their fellow human beings, or trying to help them to become better people, but telling others how unworthy they are.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Praise Jah, you people!

  • Twitch

    Let the knashing of teeth begin!!

  • aquagirl

    I love when that happens!!!!!!

  • DaCheech

    where was god during those 2 years?

    would have god exposed it if this sister kept quiet?

  • dreamweaver09

    I never understand why people want to be part of something and them cheat at it.

  • tec

    Dreamweaver - I agree. If you're not going to do it wholeheartedly, and because you really believe in it, then why do it? Especially when we're talking about God. Does anyone think they can fool him?


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