A Green Handshake

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  • FayeDunaway
    I have done this myself, and I'm female. We had a very young CO, and I just wanted to help him. He gave me a look of shock. I don't know if cuz I'm female or if because it was new for him. I also did this with missionaries. My husband isn't the generous type so it had to be me!! And neither of us were the least bit ambitious. Really felt for the people, that's all. We weren't brown nosers either. I took special pleasure out of being contrary to CO's, not agreeing with everything they said, if I didn't agree.
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    An elder once gave me a green handshake. I was surprised and had no idea how that neatly folded money ended up in my hand. Gave it back and suggested he make a donation on my behalf.

    Didn't learn about green handshakes until I got here. :/

  • nevaagain

    when we joined our actual congregation, there was a brother who had his own business. he was neither an elder nor a MS which seemed to be odd to me. I dont know his story before but anyway, after he sold his business (he is in his 50s) he almost immediately became a MS. one year later he became an elder.

    Our old CO in my former congregation, always bragged about the gifts he would receive in other congregation (with wealthy members) as far as I remember it was not unusual for him to get laptops, phones and even a new car. our congregation was not so wealthy so i guess he didnt like coming to ours.

    few years ago we went to visit the bethel in brooklyn and patterson, thanks to somone we knew in the NY area who knew ppl in Bethel, they took us inside for dinner. so after the dinner when they took us outside we said thanks hugged them and wished them jehovahs blessing for their efforts ... they also said thanks but then there was an akward silence ... like they expected to get something in return for taking us inside. so this happaned both times, for brooklyn and for patterson so i guess it is not unusual to give something to them.

    the last two CO couples my wife liked very much so and the end of their visit she wanted us to give them some money and i said yes, so far my status hasnt changed so i guess it was not enough ;-)

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I , too, never learned about this practice until I came to this site.

    The "green handshake, though, would certainly explain a few things:

    - not only how certain individuals rose rapidly "through the ranks": but also, how they were even ever permitted to get baptised in the first place.


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Personally I always thought of the C.O as a distant relative, who makes unwelcome visits but part of the family. He and his wife visited they shared members simple food of potatoes mashed with cabbage, and a bathroom which had a wired sence of cleanliness.

    Ok many " Green Handskakes" may have had questionable motives, but in my dictionary we all like to receive " Green Handshakes" and should he really be expected to question the motive?

    I am afraid my morals are such I would with out hesitation take the " Green Handshake"

    How he acted upon rewarding the " Green Handskakes" is another question?

    The Rebel,

  • _Morpheus
    Never heard of a greenhandshak letting someone get baptized. Getting people dunked is a badge of honor and a special little notch in a jw belt all on its own. As an elder i never accepted green handshakes, it didnt seem right, but i know others did and it certainly could cloud things when discussing appointments
  • wallsofjericho

    It's not hush hush

    it was mentioned in a comment last week at WT study as a generous loving thing to do

  • ToesUp

    We never gave the Green handshake to a CO. We were always considered "losers" in the Congregation. My husband never wanted the priviledge of Elder or MS. I never pioneered. Our kids are quiet, never wanting to "shine" in the KH. The CO (not one of them) ever gave us the time of day. They don't pay attention to the "losers" in the hall. Oh well....their loss.

    If this cult focused on retaining it's members, maybe it would not be going through all the struggles it is now. It always shocked us on how much time they spend trying to bring new ones in while letting others who have been around for years, walk out the door. Incredible!

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Never heard of a greenhandshak letting someone get baptized.

    Without giving too much away, there was one who was a prominent businessman in the city, and who fell for what is arguable the oldest one in the book - i.e. his secretary.

    Furthermore, this same person insisted that he was not going to get baptised unless he could firstly discard his wife, and instead marry this secretary. Amazingly, he was permitted to do so. Even more amazingly, he then went on to rapidly rise up through the ranks of the JW organisation - in an unbelievably short time.

    Upon reflection, though, maybe not so amazingly:

    - to use the vernacular of the time and location, this guy had "More money than the Bull could $h#t", and he sure waved plenty of it around (but only in front of those who mattered, of course!).


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