A Green Handshake

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  • dgp

    I just learned that sometimes people give "green handshakes". Is this the same as bribing your way up?

    Thanks for any posts.

  • tec

    When I read your post, I thought environmental - but I don't see how that could work :)


  • ldrnomo

    The green handshake. Yes I remember it well. Because we were supposed to be discreet, we would shake the CO's hand and give him some money while doing it.

    This would help in getting assigned talks on the CA's and DA's .

    I would try to be real discreet about that because I wasn't crazy about giving talks at the assemblies.

    One time I put some money in an envelope and instructed a young boy to bring it to the CO and give it to him. I thought that way he wouldn't know who his benefactor was but as the young boy handed the man the money he pointed me out and told him it was from me.

    So much for anonymity.

  • wobble

    I have heard that this disgusting corruption is rife since I have come on here, it never crossed my mind when I was in that people would bribe the C.O

    so they could give Assy. talks and items.

    I did wonder why they used the same boring, lacklustre guys when much more charismatic speakers were available, but the green ($) hand-shake explains it.

    As I said, disgusting.

  • watersprout

    Why does nothing surprise me!!!!!

    It makes me sick to think i was ever part of that sick organisation.. Corrupt doesn't even begin to explain their behaviour!

    Mind you anything is possible with them, they cover over pedo's and cast out their victims for not keeping quiet about it.


    I`ve seen lots of green handshakes..

    I would`nt call it bribing..Most JW`s just want to help the CO/DO ect..ect..

    The problem comes when JW`s say WBT$ Management live in poverty..Have nothing ect..ect..

    If the WBT$ and Jehovah`s Witness`s did`nt exaggerate and outright lie,about living conditions of WBT$ Management..

    There would`nt be a problem..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • leavingwt

    Many of the folks in special full-time service are not independently wealthy. WT does not give these volunteers enough cash to live even comfortably. So, unless friends and family are actively bankrolling them, they have two options: Accepting green handshakes when they can get them or engaging in some type of employment, often in violation of the letter of the law of the Vow of Poverty they have signed.

  • CuriousButterfly

    Yes we have contributed but the CO/DO or a Bethel Speaker (even a struggling Pioneer) never know it was from us. A card with cash and it is all anonymous. So in a "sense" yes a green handshake but we chose to never reveal it was us.

  • JWoods

    I think this was more of an indictment of the WT Society (who notoriously refuses to pay their employees) than it is for the circuit overseers or the people who were trying to help them.

    It is disgusting to see the WTBTS build up billions of dollars of net worth over the years on the backs of essentially slave labor - and then to turn these people out when they are old to fend for themselves.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    We aways gave cash to the CO when he came around, ususally around $200.

    Funny now that I think about it, we always gave it to the CO, never his wife.

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