Most JW's are Concerned with Position/Appearance - Not Serving God

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  • minimus

    and they have the nerve to talk about the scribes & Pharisees!

  • eyeslice

    Flipper you are spot on with your observations.

    This is never more apparent than when at Circuit and District Conventions. How the high ups love their prominence on the platform and as heads of departments, assistant heads of departments etc. Often this is just an excuse to find some comfortable spot to sit and while away the hours whilst the masses have to put up with sitting in the stands.

    The visiting Bethel VIPs are even worse - they sit behind closed doors often guarded by attendants whose job it is to keep the masses at bay.

  • man in black
    man in black

    Hey Mr. Flipper,

    Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your comments . You are always honest, and forthright in what you say.

    If you ever head over to the Chicago area, let me know perhaps we could get some dinner !

    And yes, I remember appearances were always more important than really heartfelt efforts toward serving God.

    Leaving was quite a shock, but it showed me how conditional friendships and relationships with God can be.

  • flipper

    Wow. Thanks for all the great responses ! Was working all night and getting ready to go out of town so I wanted to answer before I go.

    MAD SWEENEY- That's good the C.O. understood your reasons for stepping down. I'm sure like you said your fellow elders were none too happy to take on added responibilities . LOL ! Oh well, it made them earn their elderhood .

    WASBLIND- It sounds like the elders were using fear of destruction to pressure you to get baptized ! They use this tactic often. Unfortunately our baptism wasn't between us and Jehovah - it was betwee us and the WT society.

    OTWO- It sounds like you were pressured to " reach out " as you thought it was in Jehovah's best interest - but it was just elders trying to convice you that in order to be acceptable you had to " reach out. " I'm glad you valued your freedom and in time - escaped ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    I'll answer all other replies tomorrow as I'm dead tired from working all last night ! Going " night, night ". Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • finding my way
    finding my way

    I always felt like a loser because I was 19 when I was baptized. I was sad that day too because no one was there to congratulate me afterwards because they had already "advanced" to one of those "special" meetings during the lunch break. I felt so much pressure to get baptized. People who say it's "your choice" are in denial of the fact that when you know nothing else in life but that that is expected of you or else you'll be ostrasized, it's not really a choice.

    God it feels good just to express the truth of how I felt back then :0) I love freedom.

    Also, recently when my Mother didn't introduce me to my new step sister and her husband when they flew in for her wedding, it was because "he used to be a member of the writing comittee. What was I supposed to do?"

  • finding my way
    finding my way

    P.S. Kudos to minimus

  • flipper

    CRISIS of CONSCIENCE- I think I can relate to what you're saying in that your being a Ministerial Servant was what " everybody else wanted for you " . I agree. It was the same for me. I was raised with a very high JW pedigree. A lot to live up to. I didn't WANT that pressure. I'm glad you have come to see the pressure involved and how you don't want that as well. I wish you the best.

    ST, GEORGE of ENGLAND- You make a good point . A lot of JW men become Ministerial servants because they don't have a career they excel at. So they can BE somebody by serving in the congregation. But a lot of stupid dudes get put in responsible positions. Which drive congregation members crazy.

    AUSSIE OZ- Exactly. The elders were only concerned if we were producing as a servant. My JW wife also got pised off that I didn't reach out for elder. Oh well, found a better lady later ! LOL !

    BLACK SHEEP- I too know what it is to be considered the " black sheep " in the family ! LOL ! With how my older brother and sister excelled in the JW organization- I'm sure my dad was quite dissapointed in me. However in a strange way- he admires I have stuck to my principles of not being in the organization because I differ with it. It's an odd relationship my dad and I have.

    MR. BUMBLE ( Rose Pettl'es hubby ) - I'm sorry you have had ill health over the years. That being said , it's always been a crime to me how elders try to make it seem we aren't doing enough to excel in the organization- in spite of health problems. I'm glad you and your wife got out, you seem like nice people. No sense in letting ourselves be abused by this mind control cult anymore. I wish you the bet !

    BONNIE_CLYDE- That was certainly a rare instance of a C.O. saying he's leaving the circuit work to help his pregnant daughter. That was commendable of him. In fact I'll go out on a limb and say it's probably a " first". Most C.O.'s wouldn't leave the circuit work if their hair was on fire.

    JEDIMASTER- I agree with you- it was always pressure to do more, more, more. Nothing was EVER enough. Yet - if you hobnobbed with elders and became close friends- it seemed very easy to get an appointment to Ministerial Servant. Or if you were an elders son ( which I was ). But like you I got tired of the kissing up and the hypocrisy of it all. It wore me out. Be glad we escaped !

    ONEMORE- Very good points you make. I agree with you. The attitudes these appointed elders had was reprehensible in being conceited and arrogant. It was disgusting to see men who were supposed to be examples treating publishers so hatefully or without respect. It sickened me. In fact, sometimes I'd speak out- which didn't make me popular with elders. But people's freedom was more important to me.

    BLONDIE- Good point. I too saw that some elders tried to hide how they really were in homelife or private. It's as if they didn't care what God thought- just tried to hide it from the congregation.

    JWOODS- Yeah, I saw several elders over the years like the one you mentioned. So this guy didn't go out in service ? He was just imitating MOST of the governing body members lead then ! LOL ! You say he got deleted for " insincerity " ? WTF ? Never heard of THAT one before ! If they DFed people on insincerity - they'd have to DF half of the congregation members ! LOL!

    WT WIZARD- So you got houned a lot too ? I did as well. Finally I got tired of it, being pushed around ! I started pushing back.

    LOZHASLEFT- It sounds like your JW ex-husband was somewhat narcissistic - wanted to be appointed at all costs as a servant ! He even forced you to move to a different area so he could get appointed ? I'm sorry he treated you that way. What a tool.

    LONGHAIRGAL- I guess there were SOME advantages to being a " sister " in the organization, eh ? At least you didn't get hassled to reach out for a position. But I'm sure you till got harassed to get out in field service more or be more regular at meetings. We ALL got harassed on those things ! I'm glad we all got out n time from the cult and escaped.Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    MINIMUS - Exactly. The Pharisee's didn't hold a candle to the stoic self righteousness of JW's and the WT society.

    EYESLICE- Very true what you say. The bethel members ALWAYS have body guards sitting around the stage in case of people charging the stage. I always thought that was incredibly bizarre. Thought we were supposed to be the most peaceful, loving people on earth ! LOL ! But yes- I saw this at Circuit and District assemblies where elders with parts would strut around like the cock of the walk. Ridiculous.

    MAN IN BLACK- Hey, thanks for the kind words. If I ever get to the Chicago area- I'd be honored to have dinner with you my friend. As you said the organization is full of people putting on appearances instead of loving God.

    FINDING MY WAY- I hear you. I felt I was pushed towards baptism too, because everybody else was doing it. It does feel good to express ourselves, doesn't it ? Freedom is sweet my friend. Especially freedom of speech. Keep on enjoying it. Peace out, mr. Flipper

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  • flipper

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