Would taking the Harp book from the KH library be stealing?

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  • Black Sheep
  • garyneal

    I recall visiting a KH where I was invited to sit in the library that the witnesses were very proud of to keep my daughter from disturbing the congregation. Something told me to look on the shelves to see what books were there. I found the entire studies in the scriptures series including the seventh volume, The Finished Mystery.

    Pay dirt!!!!!!!! I plan to keep a low profile about it.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Even if there was a letter to the BOE telling them to remove them from the library (which afaik there isnt) then they would be farmed out to anyone who wanted them UNLESS there was direct instructions to destroy them (which afaik there hasnt been).

    So if you think your KH is doing this get your nose in there and say you want some of them.

    My KH has all the studies in scriptures, harp, etc etc but no WT or Awake prior to 1960. I have "borrowed" several bibles and volumes of Studies in the Scriptures without permission as there's a notice in the Library stating NOT to remove them. But I have returned most after finishing with them, the rest will find their way back also.

    An Elder I know well has seen me replacing one of the Studies in Scriptures directly from my bag to the Library shelf with my comment to him as he was standing right next to me"I'd better return this I think".... He said nothing.


  • EndofMysteries

    Since other halls reported here have them still, I am gonna leave it there.

  • Quentin

    In the 1960s early 70s my kh had all sorts of older publications, even the (1956 I think was the year) Parade Magazine about "Mickey Spalane" and his converson to the jw's. Along with wt bound volumes back through the 40s, If I knew then what I know now

    All wt books, bound volumes, everything should be preserved. There was a time when individual jw's had extensive personel libraies at home, as well. wt, awake bound volumes making up the bulk of those libraies. We had bound volumes going back past 1950. Awful shame to lose all that "written history". Cringe every time I see a thread about how nice wt publications burn in those big bon-fires. Say there's brother.....he's bout 90 now, wonder if he'd burn as good as the publications.

  • moshe

    I have heard stories on this board how WT expose' books have regularly disappeared from the shelves of public libraries, been replaced and disappeared again.I believe some JW's have taken it upon themselves to steal library books that tell an unflattering story about their religion. Think about that.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Our KH had a very extensive library until we had a new quick build a few years ago. One of the elders dumped most of the library at the local tip without informing people so they were lost forever. The only real gems rescued were the WT reprints (1879-1922) by a brother who is 'taking care of them'. Incidently I saw a single volume of the reprints on Ebay sold recently for just over £150. George

  • XPeterX

    Stealing is the taking of things or being in possession of things that belong to someone else without their permission.

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